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Former ThornPride Leopards

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Former ThornPride Leopards Empty Former ThornPride Leopards

Post  Deathflight on 9/3/2012, 12:21 pm

Former ThornPride Leopards NyFpFnN

Thornstar: A large male snow leopard with yellowed sharp teeth. He, from someone outside looking in, so to speak, appears to be a calm and orderly male. He has a steady, non wavering gaze yet the way he moves makes him look cautious and gentle, even mysterious since he always looks like he's searching for something. If you haven't gotten to know him very well, he is quiet, almost shy. Socializing is not his forte. But once you have developed some kind of relationship with him, you'll see the brutally honest (almost rude) loudmouth he is. Thornstar isn't afraid to say what's on his mind around his friends, but with strangers he turns quiet, calm, almost stony. He isn't very trustful, and has problems developing relationships with other leopards. This is a shame since he enjoys company quite a lot. Deputy: Hailclaw (Hailstar) (Male)
Ripplefeather: Bright golden female leopard. Though she's got an ego when it comes to her intellect, she is far less secure and confident about practically everything else. One of the things that she is the most insecure about is, you guessed it, her appearance. She gets mocked and teased over it often and often doesn't even bother to retort. (Female)
Mooseheart: Small golden female leopard. Mooseheart is very shy and jumps at loud noises, which can startle other leopards around her. Also she is extremely adventurous and is bold when angry or frightened. (Female)
Hailstar: Deep golden male leopard with a long tail. Quiet and brooding, Hailstar isn't exactly the most popular or congenial of leopards. He's generally avoided, and doesn't have many real friends. He tends to shut others out, and very rarely volunteers any personal information. For those who have managed to break past his barriers, he's a very loyal leopard, willing to do anything for those close to him, but it's very difficult to actually get there. He doesn't trust easily, not from any past trauma, but just because that's the way he is. His intelligence is also a big turn-off when speaking with other leopards. No matter what he does, he cannot stand ignorance, and is constantly correcting and arguing his point. Leopards don't like him because he comes across as condescending and a know-it-all. Hailstar doesn't deny it, but it doesn't make him any friends. He just tries to stay out of arguments, but sometimes he just can't help it. He hates fighting with tooth and claw, instead preferring to debate with barbed words and a sharp tongue. Now, although he'd never intentionally let on, he's actually quite a sensitive leopard and although he's a bit of a pessimist, he believes in love and that someday he'll find it. Lives Deputy: Ivylight (Ivystar) (Male)
Ivystar: Dark golden female leopard. Ivystar was always the male leopard attractor, but she is very hard to please. She dislikes any leopard who likes her because of her looks. She isn't the kindest leopard in the world, but she isn't evil. She would do anything to make sure her pride was safe. Deputy: Fawnfang (Fawnstar) (Female)
Patchfur: Male snow leopard. A living storm raging against a ghastly tornado compares to the monstrous horrible personality of Patchfur. He has a loyal creepy attitude about him in which he will always unleash with pure intensity in fights or maybe even his regular day. Parents are Thornstar and Wheatshine, Littermate to Tallmouse and Copperpool. (Male)
Fawnstar: Male snow leopard. Fawnstar is quiet but quirky, sarcastic and can be very stubborn at times. He is rebellious and takes orders from no one, however, he would willingly do anything to protect a loved one. Fawnstar is also proud and courageous, brave, and is gifted with common sense. He is also rather shrewd. If there is a truth that needs saying, no matter how insulting it is, Fawnstar will say it. This does not mean he has no diplomacy; in fact, if being shrewd and blunt requires violating the limits of his dignity, he will always dance around the subject a bit in order to preserve said dignity. Fawnstar is one for believing the impossible, only he does not try what he knows to be impossible, he just gives the impression that he might. Parents are Thornstar and Wolfcloud, Littermate to Falconclaw and Ripplenose.  Deputy: Wolfcloud (Wolfstar) (Male)
Mothpoppy: Golden female leopard with a long tail. I am very forgetful, but you will never find a more loyal friend than me. (Female)
Wolfstar: Dark golden female leopard. Wolfstar is very sage and wise, but she tends to overthink things a lot. For example, hunting is always hard for her, even if she comes up with a good strategy. She is amiable, down-to-earth, and willing to help anyone in need. She is determined to what she does and doesn't give up easily. However, she isn't afraid to walk on a pride territory or fight against another leopard. Deputy: Dogpelt (Dogstar) (Female)
Tallmouse: Male snow leopard. Tallmouse mostly has a calm subtle expression, a blank boredom faze always suppressed against himself when not in an angry state. Parents are Thornstar and Wheatshine, Littermate to Patchfur and Copperpool. (Male)
Clovefur: Golden male leopard. As a leopard, Clovefur could be described as swaggering, grave, or elegant. He's all of those things and more. Also, mind your tongue around him. Parents are Thornstar and Ivyfrost, Littermate to Dustypaw, Dogstar, and Opalsand. (Male)


StarClan: Thornstar, Nightpelt
StarPride: Thornstar
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Former ThornPride Leopards Deathflight

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