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Former BeePride Leopards

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Former BeePride Leopards Empty Former BeePride Leopards

Post  Flystorm on 8/28/2012, 1:57 pm

Former BeePride Leopards EYepius

Beestar: A large bright golden male, many spots spatter over his body and especially over his strong legs. Beestar is cheerful and happy like a smiling baby. Ge can take a joke and has a laugh with his pridemates. He is popular with his pride and can often be seen talking to any one of his many friends. His ability to fight better than any other leopards is frequently used in fights between prides. One of the best things he is able to do is hunting prey. Beestar would die to save his clan, he is very brave and never backs down. Deputy: Soulheart. (Soulstar) (Male)
Morningcub: Dark golden male leopard. Parents are Soulstar and Frostheart, Littermate to Blackcub and Duskcub. (Male)
Soulstar: Pale golden male with a white underbelly. Soulstar is a power-hungry, headstrong leopard that will do anything to get what he wants. He is sweet and kind to close friends, pride, and kin. Soulstar is very determined to be the best he can be. He has spirit and courage to laugh in the face of danger and has no fear of going in to battle. You could say he's cocky. Deputy: Cloudstorm (Cloudstar). (Male)
Minnowcub: Dark golden female leopard. Minnowcub loves to explore the forest because of her adventurous curiousity. The leopard is quite humble despite her loud disposition. Parents are Beestar and Eagletail, Littermate to Beechcub. (Female)
Puddleface: Dark golden female leopard.  A bit naive, but still sweet. Can be caring, but also a bit short tempered. (Female)
Cloudstar: Pale grey snow leopard with hazel eyes. Has a white tail tip. Cloudstar is a quiet and cunning warrior. Not one to make a fool of herself or of clanmates. Can sometimes be overly serious about situations that need a bit of humor. But she's not cold or uncaring. Deputy: Mothflower (Mothstar) (Female)
Berrycub: Bright golden male leopard. Berrycub is a small leopard who loves to play around. He will pounce on nearly everything he can find! He pounces on his denmates, leaves, warriors, and more. He is always eager and excited to do something new. Whenever he can't do something right, he keeps practicing until he gets it! But sometimes Berrycub gets annoyed easily if leopards always point out his mistakes, because he knows what he did. Only if they are telling him what to do to improve, he is fine. He is also a very shy leopard who doesn't like having a lot of attention. Parents are Beestar and Ripplepelt. (Male)
Falconeye: Thick-pelted female snow leopard with sharp white teeth. I tend to blow little things up into big things and get overly dramatic,  but I am a good fighter. (Female)
Mothstar: Pale golden leopard with ruffled fur. She is sweet, and is a very good helper. She is also inquisitive, and loves to explore new things, often taking walks just for the smells. However, if teased badly or made fun of, her temper will flare up like a wildfire. She is funny, her laughter is very contagious, and her pridemates look up to her for a good story. She is very careful, and seems to glide when she walks, almost as if she is floating on air. In battle, however, she becomes a flaming ball of rage; undeafeatable, unfathomable. Deputy: Coyoteface (Coyotestar) (Female)
Frostheart: Bright golden female leopard. I am a great fighter and hunting. I may come across cold and bitter but I am a very good judge of character. (Female)
Yellowtail: All-over pale golden female. Yellowtail is extremely aggressive and rebellious. She is also brave, though she is not kind to most leopards. Yellowtail will hold a soft spot to those who she can trust. She is without conscience and will kill just for a thrill. You will never see Yellowtail be kind to those who are weak and in need. Yellowtail is power hungry and has an unquenchible thirst for blood. (Female)
Shadetail: Golden female leopard with dark eyes. I can be too energetic sometimes, but I am very intelligent, as I think a lot. (Female)
Fernwater: Bright golden male leopard. Ever heard the phrase, 'big things come in small packages'? That about sums up Fernwater's colorful personality. The small leopard is a bold, loud character who speaks whatever happens to be on his mind, regardless of the consequences. He cannot lie to save his life, and his opinions are brutally honest. If Fernwater thinks a leopard's pelt looks absolutely horrid, all leopards near him will get to hear him let said leopard know. Parents are Beestar and Dewfur, Littermate to Morningleg and Patchsquirrel. (Male)
Coyotestar: A very dark golden, almost orange female with a multitude of spots over her body. "I have a split personality, that's for sure. You'll only find a leopard like me in about...never? I'm courageous, loyal, and smart: your typical BeePride leopard, huh? I'm certainly not afraid to voice my opinions! I have to say, friendship is about the most important thing I cherish. I confess, sometimes I even rely on my friends to do things for me! But, the warrior code comes first, always; you can count on me to not have a forbidden love! I even want to be the hero in everything, so I get praise! Hah! That's not part of the warrior code, but say, how would you like it if I start boasting? Well, I boast, but jealousy is a factor in boasting. Deputy: Eggpelt (Eggstar) (Female)
Beechstripe: Bright golden male leopard. Beechstripe is a bouncy little thing. He is very energetic and is usually seen galloping around, though he does have his calm moments. But despite his happy-go-lucky and friendly personality, he knows when to take things seriously. Parents are Beestar and Eagletail, Littermate to Minnowcub. (Male)
Eggstar: Pale golden female leopard. Eggstar is somewhat like Beestar. She can have a short-temper one day, but can be completely patient the next. On her short-tempered days, she is not one to mess with. She is grumpy, annoyed, mean, and snappy. But on good days, it's all down hill. She is patient, calm, funny, and lovely to be around. Parents are Beestar and Mothflower, Littermate to Cloverpool. Deputy: Longfur (Longstar) (Female)
Longstar: Bright golden female leopard. Longstar is a rather elegantly calm leopard, for she keeps her composure. The leopard has a tendency to lie, and is a well known silver tongue. She likes to hold grudges, and will look down on who all oppose her, she is no wanted enemy. The greatest flaw she has, is perhaps her pride, forever bringing her arrogance. No one has ever even hoped to break her little habits, because of her ever blooming fondness towards them. Parents are Deathstar and Gingertail, Littermate to Sorrelstar, Pouncestripe, and Diamondclaw. Deputy: Dapplepelt (Dapplestar) (Female)


StarClan: Beestar, Sorrelberry
StarPride: Beestar
DarkClan: Flystorm

Former BeePride Leopards Flystorm

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