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Kittypets, Loners, and Rogues

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Kittypets, Loners, and Rogues Empty Kittypets, Loners, and Rogues

Post  Bloomkit-MistClan on 7/7/2012, 4:05 pm

Kittypets, Loners, and Rogues:

Oshawott: Brown tabby tom. Oshawott is a funny tom that is always playing and hyper. He loves cracking jokes and teasing others to get cats laughing. (Tom)
Jonas: Dark brown tom. Jonas does not take kindly to newcomers. Parents are Burningstar and Birdtail, Littermate to Bloodpaw and Frostlion. (Tom)

Kittypets, Loners, and Rogues Stormpelt_zps1efac3b3
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