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Former DuskPride Leopards

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Post  Jonas on 6/6/2012, 12:52 am

Former DuskPride Leopards K6nn5vA

Cobrapool: A small golden female leopard. I cannot swim at all, but I have a way of being two steps ahead of most other cats. (Female)
Lotusflight: Golden female leopard with pale green-yellow eyes. I am impatient with other leopards and can be overly critical of them, but you will never find a more loyal friend than me. I never think before I act, and I can dish out critical insults but I can't take them. (Female)
Duskstar: A dark-shaded male leopard. I am very nervous and always twitching with anxiety, but no matter what, my heart is in the right place. I always seem to be hiding something, as if there's something in my past that I'm ashamed of. Deputy: Limeclaw. (Limestar) (Male)
Limestar: Light-shaded male leopard. I am afraid of confrontations and do anything to avoid a fight, but I learn very quickly from my mistakes. Deputy: Stoneface (Stonestar) (Male)
Stonestar: A dark-shaded female leopard with big eyes. I haven't found out much about myself yet but I believe I'm strong like a rock. Deputy: Amberfire (Amberstar) (Female)
Squirrelcub: Bright golden male leopard. Squirrelcub seems kind of heart, caring and thoughtful, but is quite the opposite. He is cold at heart, and is a ruthless, cold blooded killer with a dark humor. Parents are Duskstar and Firtail, Littermate to Ferncub, Tawnycub, and Whiskercub. (Male)
Moosepool: Golden female leopard with ruffled fur. I'm very loud and fun-loving! Care-free and relaxed is me.. I always live up to my words and love to make my friends laugh. Although my friends say I'm a party-leopard, I can be a little over protective of my family and loved ones. Of course, with my big paws, I'm super clumsy but I can run really fast! (Female)
Tallcub: Deep golden male. He is a shy and lonely leopard. Always did have an interest in night. Not to mention love adventure and the unknown. This leopard is kind and gentle but weird too. Parents are Limestar and Dapplewing, Littermate to Snowcub, Butterflycub, Gingercub, Blossomcub, and Owlcub. (Male)
Longcub: Golden female. Parents are Limestar and Moosepool, Littermate to Toadcub, Sedgecub, Mangocub, Ravencub, and Dawncub. (Female)
Birdcub: Bright golden female leopard. Birdcub is friendly and agreeable most of the time, as well as kind, compassionate, and honest. She is a helpful, good friend and rather protective. She is loyal, persistent, cheerful, and very optimistic. In battle, though, she is fierce and intent, knows her purpose, and completes it to the best of her ability. Out of loyalty to DuskPride, she is determined and brave. When she isn't sure of herself, she is shy, quiet, and secretive with a tendancy to stutter if she does talk. Parents are Duskstar and Daisyheart, Littermate to Icecub, Bluecub, Wolfcub, Hurricanecub, and Timbercub. (Female)
Dapplewing: Deep golden female leopard with pale eyes. Dapplewing is an eager leopard who always wants to please everyone. She sometimes does these things without permission and gets in trouble at points for her actions. (Female)
Amberstar: Deep golden female leopard. I am always blabbing and cannot keep a secret, but I love family and care very much for young cubs. Deputy: Runningtail (Runningstar) (Female)
Deerflower: Golden female leopard with a darker patch on the top of her body. She is very sweet leopard with love for everyone in her pride as if they all were her cubs. (Female)
Poplarcloud: Pale golden female leopard.  I am always worrying about anything and everything, but I love family and care very much for young cubs. (Female)
Daisyheart: Deep golden female leopard. You will never find a more loyal friend than me. (Female)
Ravensong: Pale golden female leopard. I'm lazy, taking any excuse to sleep in and avoid my duties, but I am never afraid to say what I feel when I have to. I can be quite aggressive at times, and will use it very well. I will fight and risk my life for my pride. I'm a great friend and will help anyone if trouble lurks. (Female)
Redstripe: Extremely pale golden female leopard. When you first meet this leopard, there will be one thing that truly stands out; her stubbornness. Oh, this leopards is as stubborn as a mule in some terms. If she sets her mind to doing something, she will not stop until she has completed that task in some shape or form. Whether her intentions are good or bad, she will not take no for an answer when she wants to do something that will benefit her. Ah, but to be honest, most of her intentions are for the darkness... Along with being stubborn, this leopard also has a temper that could match the blazing flames of a dragon's fire. Setting her temper off is very easy. Just one little wrong movement or word from your side will unleash the fire that burns on this leopard's tongue. She could easily burn any other leopard with her flaming words. Perhaps her temper is also a downfall in some way, but that will be described later on. Besides being stubborn and hot tempered, this leopard is also quite the manipulator.  She has learned how to twist the words of another leopard to make it seem as if the words were made to help her out. She could twist the thoughts of another leopard until she gets what she wants... Oh, you will have to watch out for this leopard. What else could she be? Well, she could be a trickster, and she's just that. She's not the happy, bubbly type of trickster that plays happy go lucky tricks. In fact, she's the type that will play tricks that could harm a leopard or perhaps even kill a leopard if the trick was bad enough, and the oddest part about that is that she does all of her evil doings in secret. She knows what might happen if she were to be caught, so she'll do all of her wrong when she feels as if no other leopard is around. Parents are Deathstar and Falconcloud, Littermate to Plumthorn and Brackencloud. (Female)
Runningstar: Almost white with a darker golden head female leopard. Runningstar is an amazingly nice female leopard. She cares incredibly for all. Secretly, she wants a mate. She doesn't let the pain of not having one show, though. Instead, she turns the pain into happiness. Parents are Duskstar and Poplarcloud, Littermate to Frostfur and Darkclaw. Deputy: Timbercloud (Timberstar) (Female)
Shadowfoot: Golden female leopard with a bright pink nose. I can't hunt very well, but I am a very good tree climber. (Female)
Plumthorn: Pale golden male leopard. A very calm, friendly and trusting mask hides the evil hidden behind it. A mastermind of plans and of battle strategies. He's got the brains and his littermates got the strength. Plumthorn is a schemer, he has insomnia and he doesn't sleep so he thinks, that's where all that leads him to. Thinking leads to plans, plans lead to battle strategies and then usually fades away to that little folder inside his head. On the contrary, he does have just one little part of his heart that is soft. Parents are Deathstar and Falconcloud, Littermate to Redstripe and Brackencloud. (Male)
Timberstar: Dark golden female leopard. Timberstar is a dreamer and loves life. She dreams of traveling and seeing the world and meeting new animals. She also would like to become a mother before she is too old. Her mind is always teaming with thoughts and ideas.  Parents are Duskstar and Daisyheart, Littermate to Birdcub, Iceclaw, Bluefoot, Wolfpaw, and Hurricanepaw. Deputy: Spiderwhisker (Spiderstar) (Female)
Moosefur: Pale golden female leopard. I am deathly afraid of water and will never enter any water, but I love family and care very much for young kits. (Female)


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