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Former FlamePride Lions

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Former FlamePride Lions Empty Former FlamePride Lions

Post  Woollyleaf on 5/3/2012, 1:01 am

Former FlamePride Lions KO1k1TA

Flamestar: A very tark tan male with a thick mane. Flamestar is a lion that can watch and learn. He studies the life around him trying to find the reason for it. Deputy: Littlestripe (Littlestar) (Male)
Littlestar: Lean light colored male with a thick mane, pointed on the bottom. A dorsal stripe runs down his back. Laid back and calm. He is very protective of his friends. He doesn't like lions who think they are superior to others. He believes that every lion should be treated as equals. Deputy: Jayclaw (Jaystar) (Male)
Jaystar: White male with dark eyes, almost curly fur around his face. He is shy and doesn't talk a lot. He is vicious in battle. He protects his pride. He is wise about prey. Parents are Flamestar and Nightflower, Littermate to Owlfall and Breezestripe. Deputy: Sapphirewhisker (Sapphirestar) (Male)
Starcub: White male lion. Starcub has always been less than average. He's a plunderer of boring, a disturbance in the force, one may say. He always loves to be in the thick of everything. He's quite the gossiper, and you can count on him to know what's happening with who, who's pregnant, yaddah yaddah. Parents are Midnightstar and Airstorm, Littermate to Firecub, Sandcub, Brightcub, Smallcub, and Ivycub. (Male)
Zebrapaw: Medium-sized female with a set of spots that almost blend together in a stripe. Zebrapaw is quite the shy lion, but she can warm up to someone if she gets to know them well. Despite being shy, she is a very polite little lass. She will go out of her way to make someone happy. She will also put someone else's before hers if there is danger. Parents are Flamestar and Whispernose, Littermate to Willowpaw, Tornpaw, Blackpaw, Echopaw, and Coyotepaw. (Female)
Hazelfur: Dark golden female with many spots covering her legs. I am very sensitive to criticism,  but you will never find a more loyal friend than me. Parents are Flamestar and Sealcloud, Littermate to Bumblefall. (Female)
Airstorm: A light-colored female with many spots tracing her legs and belly. Airstorm knows how to sweet talk her way out of trouble. She acts kind and follows the rules loyally. She has never done anything wrong...that anyone has noticed. Being so outwardly quiet and friendly, whenever she is caught doing something wrong, she is given the benefit of the doubt, because, 'Why would such a nice lion do anything like that?'. Obviously, she really isn't all that nice and friendly, but it's only around her friends that her true personality shows. (Female)
Sapphirestar: Tawny female with a darker head and ears. Sapphirestar is a very shy lion. She bottles up all her feelings and emotions inside her. She is often afraid to show other lions her true self, because she thinks they won't like her. Inside, she is a really sweet and smart lion. She notices things about the way lions act around her. She thinks they don't like her, and she just keeps it to herself. Deputy: Whispernose (Whisperstar) (Female)
Cloverflower: A very regal-looking golden female with a white chin. Cloverflower is a very lively lion. Her loyalties are obviously in FlamePride. She loves FlamePride and will protect them with her life. She loves walking in the woods at night with lions she loves. She hates fighting, but when in time of battle she would fight to protect her pride fiercely. When ever lions in her pride are harmed, she will try to help in any way she can. (Female)
Whisperstar: Dark mountain lion with black ear tips and a white muzzle. Whisperstar has a very sick mind. She is a cruel lion, and will not rest until she gets what she wants. Deputy: Torneye (Tornstar) (Female)
Willowdaisy: Small spotted female with a bright pink tongue. Willowdaisy isn't that... well. she isn't that joyful little warrior who loves to go on patrols. Parents are Flamestar and Whispernose, Littermate to Tornstar, Blackstripe, Zebrapaw, Echostorm, and Coyotefeather. (Female)
Petalfur: A small, dark tawny female with ruffled fur. Petalfur is devious and clever. She loves to stir up trouble wherever she goes. Unfortunately, (or very fortunately, depending on whose side you're on) she is clumsy, physically and mentally. She has a tendency to overlook things, making her plans fail. Petalfur also loves to play innocent, even though she is bad at that, too. She is a very treacherous lion. She is a decent fighter, but a poor hunter. (Female)
Nightflower: Pale and dark shaded golden female. Nightflower, despite her name, likes the day more than night. Although she gets to sleep at night, she gets to hunt and hang with her pridemates. She loves spending time with pridemates. But even with pridemates she can get kind of lonely. Nightflower will fight with her last breath for her pride and lions she loves. Nightflower is very courageous and loyal. (Female)
Tornstar: Large male with dense spots and a darker head. Tornstar is a very caring lion, he is helpful and well determined. He can get very affectionate when he's in a playful mood or really excited or happy about something. Parents are Flamestar and Whispernose, Littermate to Willowdaisy, Blackstripe, Zebrapaw, Echostorm, and Coyotefeather. Deputy: Gooseflower (Goosestar) (Male)
Clovestripe: Clovestripe is a medium brown lioness with a distinctly red tinge to her fur and, on her noticeably massive paws, there are subtle stripes climbing up her legs as well as a long, darker red dorsal stripe shooting straight down her back from the crown of her skull to the end of her tail. The fur on her belly and throat are a lighter, creamier color and she has a broad head, smoldering amber eyes and a mouth full of particularly sharp pearly whites. Clovestripe is a very tranquil lioness who carries herself with dignity and an air of importance. She always has her head held high and locks eyes with her company when socializing. Her favorite company, however, is her sister. She's a firm believer of the saying, "blood is thicker than water". Clovestripe enjoys observing apprentices in training, be it hunting or fighting. She likes to be aware of the pride's status and have no worries about its future, thus she familiarizes herself with the next generation's warriors. Littermate to Mosslight. (Female)
Goosestar: Light male lion. High-spirited and often never discouraged.  He can lose his temper, but it doesn't happen often.  He is great at making friends, but sometimes it is hard for him to keep his heart where his loyalties lie. Parents are Flamestar and Clovestripe, Littermate to Brambleflower, Stoneflight, Shrewfur, and Volerabbit. Deputy: Blackstripe (Blackstar) (Male)


StarClan: Flamestar, Stonekit
StarPride: Flamestar, Ashcub
DarkClan: Woollyleaf
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