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~Rules!~ Updated: February 28th

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~Rules!~ Updated: February 28th Empty ~Rules!~ Updated: February 28th

Post  Barktail on 9/1/2010, 11:44 pm

Rules of Curled Tails, please follow them, so everyone can have a good time.

1. No cats directly from the books may be used. Some names end up being the same, such as Tigerstar, Dustpelt..But do not take a cat straight from the books to use.

2. Nothing that wouldn't be found in nature or otherwise natural for your cats. Meaning, no cats with wings or pink fur unless you can provide a picture that it would be found in nature or we know it would be genetically possible.

3. This is a primarily english speaking board. While it is mostly American English, we have no problems with other english. :)If you are from another country that english isn't your first language, just try your hardest.

4. No rude behavior. If a mod contacts you to tell you to stop, you need to listen to them. While we do allow swearing to some degree, no mod wants to come across a post anywhere filled with swear words.

5. This is a LITERATE roleplay. Please keep that in mind and do your best to type up your posts. If you need help, do not be afraid to contact a moderator or another member.

6. Avatars need to be reasonably sized, nothing too huge. If a mod asks you to remove your avatar, please do.

7. Signatures do not have a limit, but please do not stretch the page too much or stack several images. If a mod asks you to change your signature, do so.

8. You must be 10 or older to join this forum. If we find you are underage, you will be banned.

9. Wait until either a founder, clan leader, or clan deputy accepts your cat before posting in the plot. Generally this is seen as common sense, but it appears it's not as common as it once was. Rarely does it take longer than one day for you to be accepted. If it takes longer than two, contact one of the admins and we will see about it.

10. Want to be a medicine cat apprentice? Apply in the Leaders of "whicheverclan/pride you want to join" thread.

11. Only one account per person. You can play as many cats as you like, so there's no need to make more than one.

12. No doubleposting. All posts come with a modify button that you are welcome to edit your previous info instead of posting twice in a row. There are a few exceptions we grant to leaders of a pride or clan, but that is the only exception.

13. No god-modding/power-playing without the other person's permission. You cannot make life-changing decisions for the clan or another cat without their permission. While in battle, it's fine to wound, but you cannot kill without their okay or leave them with an unreasonably bad wound. If someone comes to us with a complaint of this, we will see it through, and those responsible for breaking the rule will be punished.

14. Did your cat have kits and have no one to play them? Contact me after you pm your leader of the area (or for kittypets, post them on the kittypet thread) and I can find some for you!

15. No direct inbreeding allowed. No parent/child or sibling/sibling. It's fine if you are distantly related, just nothing direct.

16. Unless otherwise stated, Medicine Cats, Medicine Cat Apprentices, and Deputies always come to the Gathering. Their names are often not listed off when the leader calls for the Gathering cats, but they are included.

17. Don't use the same warrior name as someone else. A kit or an apprentice can be the same in different clans/prides, because their name will change as they age. (ex: Hollykit turns to Hollypaw turns to Hollyleaf)

18. Unless you have a plot that you want to do at a Gathering, they are kept very simple for leaders. If you want to run a plot where you meet up with another cat at a Gathering or something, let your leader know and we will adjust the schedule accordingly.

Remember: We are not affiliated with the official Warriors fansite in any way, just fans of the books that enjoy good roelplay!  cat

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