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Former WolfPride Lions

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Former WolfPride Lions Empty Former WolfPride Lions

Post  Patchsquirrel on 3/15/2012, 2:14 am

Former WolfPride Lions E9p3A9n

Wolfstar: Light tan male with a white muzzle, mane varies in two shades of an orangey-copper on the top and a black on the bottom. He's a total flirt. If its a female, he's all over them. Which makes him very reckless. He's determined though to get his way. He's never shy either. The second he meets a lion he's nice to them. But if they start to show threat he's not afraid to draw his claws. Deputy: Woodheart (Woodstar) (Male)
Goldegg: Goldegg is a very light lioness with a soft cream coat with a lighter underside and inner legs, the fur there being nearly white. She's named for her stunning eyes that are akin to two solid gold blocks melted down into a shiny, sparkling liquid. Goldegg enjoys the thrill of the hunt immensely. As soon as her teeth make contact with the flesh of an unlucky zebra or gazelle, she's overtaken with a euphoric rush. When she's not hunting for the pride, she tends to keep to herself. If you do get her attention or are graced with the chance to have a conversation with her, you'll find that she has a very dark, cynical sense of humor. She can be violent at times, and when she acquires a fondness for something or someone, she's extremely jealous and possessive. (Female)
Woodstar: Your standard male lion with a fairly medium-colored mane and amber eyes. A bit timid, this lion likes to be alone. He is not one easy to forgive and forget. A bit demanding, he is a fierce warrior and loves to fight. He loves his pride more than anything and is loyal. Deputy: Hawkeye (Hawkstar) (Male)
Smokepaw: Light tan male with a white muzzle. Smokepaw is a curious yet wise lion. Sometimes, he just gazes for quite some time at something unseen. Parents are Wolfstar and Rosetail, Littermate to Poppypaw. (Male)
Stormcub: Bright golden male lion. Parents are Woodstar and Brindlefur, Littermate to Shadecub, Brightcub, Darkcub, and Pandacub. (Male)
Fishstorm: Small dark tawny female with a black stripe going down her back. Fishstorm’s small frame makes her seem like the kind of lion that is kind, loving, and can never say no to anyone. Don’t get me wrong, most of the time, she is. But beneath all of that, she has a fierce loyalty for WolfPride burning in her heart. She will attack without second thought anything threatening her pride. When not feeling protective of her pride, Fishstorm has a juvenile happy-go-lucky bounce. While it makes her pleasant to be around, it makes her dangerously carefree and off guard. (Female)
Pearlcreek: A large-sized golden female, almost fluffy looking with her pelt. Spots trace her legs and black marks behind her ears. Pearlcreek is a solitary lion. She is nice and talkitive if you get to know her. But, when you first meet her, she tends to seem somber and quiet. A lion that likes to improve herself, she hunts and trains herself regularly. (Female)
Poppystar: Light tan male with a white muzzle. Poppystar is an active, intelligent lion that loves everyone. Although he is quite adorable, cute, and handsome, he is not content to lie around and just be admired. Poppystar is not always thought of as lazy lion, but loves to be where his friends are. He interacts with his friends and often enjoys the company of another lion. Parents are Wolfstar and Rosetail, Littermate to Smokepaw. Deputy: Sealcloud (Sealstar) (Male)
Hawkfur: A darker female on top, lighter legs, and a white belly. She is pushy and bossy, but isn't rude. She doesn't have a temper, but she likes to lead, and her personality reflects that. Although she is a WolfPride lion, she loves to climb trees, and teach others. (Female)
Sealstar: Dark tawny female with spots tracing down her legs and onto her paws. Sealstar is a strong minded lion. She cares about others. She likes to be pushed to her limit. She loves to hunt. She never thinks about her future. She lives in the present day. Deputy: Websong (Webstar) (Female)
Webstar: Dark golden female. Nice, considerate, and tries not to be so hostile with the other prides. Will protect her pride with all her might. Parents are Wolfstar and Lightningpelt, Littermate to Crowtail, Ratstripe, Nightwhisker, and Robinberry. Deputy: Stealthtail (Stealthstar) (Female)
Aquaflower: Golden tawny female. She is always ready to fight for her pride. Her teeth and claws are always sharp. She has always been interested in healing, but it has never come to her that she might want to be a medicine lion. Her pride is the most important thing to her now, so she would fight to the death to save it. (Female)


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