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Former SnowPride Lions

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Former SnowPride Lions Empty Former SnowPride Lions

Post  Dustleaf on 11/15/2011, 5:01 pm

Former SnowPride Lions WMehmEe

Coyoteflower: Dark tanwy female with ruffled fur. Coyoteflower is a unsociable lion. She doesn't stick to lions often. If you can get close to her, she must really like you. She protects all the lions close to her. Whenever a lion will approach her, she will not talk too much. (Female)
Bonecub: White female lion. Bonecub can be fierce but friendly. She is more of a lover not a fighter, and would rather help other lions then injure them. Parents are Snowstar and Heronwing, Littermate to Pebblecub, Freezecub, Barkcub, and Spottedcub. (Female)
Snowstar: A large male lion with an almost copper-colored mane and white around his mouth and eyes. Snowstar has a dark personality. He looks at the world with a dark point of view.  He sometimes laughs, but only in the presence of close friends (but he doesn't really have any). Snowstar likes to kill, and he doesn't care about his victims. Deputy: Kestrelstorm (Kestrelstar) (Male)
Orchidtail: Copper-shaded female who has never quite lost all of her baby spots. Orchidtail is outgoing, and is constantly wondering about the world around her. She tends to be submissive in hostile situations, but usually is the one getting herself into them. (Female)
Pinecub: Bright golden male with a white belly. I tend to blow little things up into big things and get overly dramatic,  and maybe I just need to gain more confidence. Parents are Snowstar and Blossomfur, Littermate to Shellcub, Fallowcub, Specklecub, Cloudcub, and Hollycub. (Male)
Gingerstorm: Medium golden female with a dark stripe down her back. She is very timid when she first meets any lion. Gingerstorm is a young heart, but is wise in battle. She holds herself with pride even though her fur has been damaged from battles. Gingerstorm is kind, but can be tough-headed. (Female)
Kestrelstar: A tawny male with a ragged mane from many a fight. Kestrelstar is a sweet male. He loves to play. Deputies: Gingerstorm, Briarheart (Briarstar) (Male)
Orchidsquirrel: A very dark and spotted female with an almost black stripe down her back. Athletic, curious, and intelligent, Orchidsquirrel is always on the move and requires a lot of exercise to dispel her considerable energies. Orchidsquirrel is also assertive, though not usually aggressive. (Female)
Briarstar: Small white male lion. Very shy, scared of most lions. Otherwise sweet, and always eager to learn. Parents are Snowstar and Soulfur, Littermate to Mouseberry and Blossompelt. Deputy: Blossompelt (Blossomstar) (Male)
Shellwhisker: Dark shaded male with spots all over face. I am always blabbing and cannot keep a secret,  but no matter what, my heart is in the right place. Parents are Snowstar and Blossomfur, Littermate to Fallowgorse, Pinecub, Specklenose, Cloudheart, and Hollypaw. (Male)
Ashcub: Pale golden male lion. Ashcub looks mischeivious. That is true, this young lion is very sneaky and wanting to get into trouble. Parents are Midnightstar and Asptail, Littermate to Mothcub, Graycub, Duskcub, Foxcub, and Aspencub. (Male)
Fallowgorse: Golden male with dark hash marks above eyes. I tend to get in trouble a lot,  but you will never find a more loyal friend than me. Parents are Snowstar and Blossomfur, Littermate to Shellwhisker, Pinecub, Specklenose, Cloudheart, and Hollysplash. (Male)
Blossomstar: Golden male with dark markings on his forehead. Quiet and gentle. Very delicate and innocent. A thinker. Parents are Snowstar and Soulfur, Littermate to Mouseberry and Briarstar. Deputy: Graywing (Graystar) (Male)
Heronwing: Snow-white female with dark eyes. Innocent is not a word that can describe Heronwing. She loves to slack off, get into trouble, and in general irritate other lions. The world is her playground. (Female)
Firetail: A sleek and powerfully built male lion. I can be nice, but most of the time I'm my usual sour self. Although, at times in happiness, I show it by being sweet to others, or so they say. Of course, I've always been taught to not be sour, no matter what, but I have anyways. Who can afford to be Mommy or Daddy's little angel? I sure can't. Parents are Snowstar and Waterpelt, Littermate to Graystar. (Male)
Leafpetal: Dark female lion with even darker spots marking her face. A very love sick lion, she just loves being in love. Doesn't matter what happens to her as long as she's in love she's happy. Doesn't even matter if the love isn't true, because neither is she. She loves so much it kinda makes her a bit of a cheat. She can be a complete tease sometimes but she just loves to have fun and enjoy everything she can. Parents are Midnightstar and Cloverflower, Littermate to Stormpaw. (Female)
Graystar: A small yet lively soft-furred female lion. She is a very kind and sweet lion. She is always ready to defend her pride with tooth and claw, proving her loyalty. Parents are Snowstar and Waterpelt, Littermate to Firetail. Deputy: Waterpelt (Waterstar) (Female)


StarClan: Snowstar, Dawnpaw
StarPride: Snowstar
MistClan: Dustleaf
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