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Pride Rules

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Pride Rules Empty Pride Rules

Post  Barktail on 11/9/2011, 12:19 am

As we add in the various pride areas, these rules will pertain to all prides. No matter what kind of cat it is.

1. Now Females and Males may be leader and deputy of their prides!

2. Males and females can be medicine cats of the prides.

3. Only leaders may mate with the females of the pride.

4. If there are no other females available, (all females are training apprentices or are related to the leader) the leader may mate with the medicine cat. Otherwise it is still against the code.

5. Only females may join a pride without being born into the pride or taking it over.

6. Rogue groups will only have two males maximum. You may only have two males, no less if you wish to try and take over a pride.

7. Any rogue group with two males can attempt to take over a pride. You will only be successful if the leader of the pride only has one life left when you attack. Otherwise he will drive you away and lose one life.

8. A female pride cat may not say no to a leader's mating. She can dislike him or even hate him, but she cannot say no.

9. Rogue Groups: The leader of the rogue group will start his own thread in the rogue section. Titling it "Whoever's group."  Whoever is leader of the group will become leader of the pride if they take one over. Be careful with your prefixes of your names, all rogues need to have warrior-esque names, but you need to be careful about what the prefix is. Can't have two Ravenstars running around. If you're not sure, ask a clan founder.


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