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IceClan Territory and Information

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IceClan Territory and Information Empty IceClan Territory and Information

Post  Morningstream on 5/6/2011, 4:53 pm

Clan Characteristics:
In peace, respectful of other Clans. In battle, fierce, courageous, and loyal. IceClan cats speak out for what is right are not afraid to challenge the warrior code.

Mice, volces, squirrels, rabbits, and the ocassional birds, such as starlings magpies, wood pigeons, and thrushes.

Hunting Skills:
Excellent stalking techniques. They keep upwind of the prey, creeping across the forest floor unseen and unheard.

Shared Borders With:
RainClan, FogClan, ThunderClan, and Nofur Dens

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