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Former DarkClan Cats

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Post  Lightningkit-TigerClan on 4/14/2011, 5:58 pm

Former DarkClan Cats BBYSg5T

Darkstar: Black tom. Darkstar is a mellow cat. He would rather sunbathe than fight. He is somewhat lazy, but makes up for it with his friendliness. He likes to sleep. Mate to Pinespider. Deputy: Pearlsquirrel (Pearlstar) (Tom)
Icekit: Small white tom. Parents are Darkstar and Pinespider, Littermate to Redkit, Dapplekit, Pumpkinkit, Eaglekit, and Eveningkit. (Tom)
Pearlstar: Thick-pelted white tom with a pale orange face. Because his looks bring him attention, Pearlstar is constantly obsessed with looking his best. He complains about getting his fur wet or dirty, and would much rather be staring at himself in a puddle or attracting she-cats rather than fulfilling his warrior duties. He can be a bit of a snob, and he doesn't understand when other cats don't like him. He is often called a kittypet although he isn't one. He likes prancing around camp with his tail held high, and his perfectly groomed pelt shining brighter than any of the other cats. He seems to not be aware of the fact that a good she-cat will be attracted to a brave warrior rather than a warrior that displays the mind of a kittypet. Mate to Tallfang. Deputy: Bluefoot (Bluestar) (Tom)
Coyotekit: Red tabby tom. Coyotekit is a really calm dreamer. He likes to dream lying on the grass and watching the sky. Parents are Pearlstar and Tallfang, Littermate to Quailkit. (Tom)
Sparrowkit: Black she-cat. Sparrowkit is a shy she-cat. She hates all the other clans and their cats. She likes to feel the rip of fur underneth her claws. She will do anything for a fight. Parents are Darkstar and Squirrelflower, Littermate to Ravenkit, Swankit, Wolfkit, Peachkit, and Bravekit. (She-Cat)
Eveningkit: Black she-cat.  She is very serious, but once she warms up to you she can be very playful. Parents are Darkstar and Pinespider, Littermate to Redkit, Dapplekit, Pumpkinkit, Eaglekit, and Icekit. (She-Cat)
Hailclaw: Hailclaw is quite petite, ears and tail also small. Despite that, his legs are of an average length, making him a normal speed. His fur is a silky, luscious brown and tan torbie pattern, with white markings throughout. His eyes are a rich amber shade, quite large and round. Hailclaw is ambitious, his mind always telling her to focus on whatever he dreams of doing or becoming. He often has his head in the clouds, however, making it hard to concentrate. The tom always finds it easy to make friends, with his laid-back, fun-loving personality. (Tom)
Bluestar: Gray tabby tom. Somewhat brave, he never takes too long to warm up to a she-cat. If she is the special one, he believes he should treat her with respect... just in case she turns out to be the one. Mate to Rippedcloud. Deputy: Smudgetail (Smudgestar) (Tom)
Bravepaw: Black tom. Bravepaw is a kind tom. He loves kits. He wishes to have kits of his own. He follows the warrior code in every thing he does. He likes to flirt with the she-cats in his clan. Parents are Darkstar and Squirrelflower, Littermate to Ravencloud, Swanclaw, Wolfbreeze, Peachflight, and Sparrowkit. (Tom)
Mudpaw: Mottled dark brown she-cat. Mudpaw is a very easy going cat. Not very much gets her mad. She is, however, very protective. Parents are Darkstar and Hawkpoppy, Littermate to Tallpaw, Barkpaw, Loudpaw, and Dewpaw. (She-Cat)
Smudgestar: Black and white tom. He is sweet though at times he's a little skittish. His heart goes out to she-cats but he just gets nervous around them. Mate to Heavyfoot. Deputy: Oakcloud (Oakstar) (Tom)
Oakstar: Very small brown tabby tom. Oakstar isn't the most social cat, this stemming with his history of fights. He is an older warrior and knows which fights not to get into now. He sticks close to his clans side, but isn't against befriending cats of other clans. He believes rules are to be tested. He got into much trouble as a kit and apprentice for this. Mate to Wolfbreeze. Deputy: Tallheart (Tallstar) (Tom)
Pinespider: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Pinespider is a bit of a flirt but knows when to stop. Her actions are well thought out and schemed out beforehand. Though she makes it look like a spur of the moment thing. Pinespider can sometimes be a little stuck up but only when she chooses. Mate to Darkstar. (She-Cat)
Poppykit: Long-haired dark brown she-cat. Poppykit is very nice and always acts kindly to clanmates and friends, but she has a really short temper and you do not want to get her angry. Sometimes she will say stuff she doesn't mean and will regret it when she cools off. She is very respectful and doesn't like to disobey orders especially the warrior code and her clan leader's orders. She can be very compassionate when it comes to cats in need if necessary she will take care of anyone who asks her. She is very shy around toms particularly and cats that are new to the clan. (She-Cat)
Dustfur: She's a Kurilian Bobtail. She's an orange and gray tabby coloring. Her fur makes her slightly puffier than her lean agile self. She has plenty of muscle. Her eyes are a gold brown, with flecks of blue. She's a dreamer, with a killer temper. Her heart always longs for the peace she feels around water. She's a different breed of cat, not in just the way of the fact that she's a Kurilian Bobtail, far from it. Its in her heart, she is peculiar. Through the air she breathes to the thoughts she thinks, its all a little bit off. She may have a petal out of place but she's still a rose, and all roses are beautiful. Mate to Ravencloud. (She-Cat)
Tallstar: Long-legged light brown tabby tom. Tallstar is very quiet, but once he meets a friend, he's very friendly. He doesn't like battles very much. He has a HUGE heart. Parents are Darkstar and Hawkpoppy, Littermate to Barkpaw, Mudpaw, Loudpaw, and Dewpaw. Deputy: Deadpelt (Deadstar) (Tom)
Wolfbreeze: Black she-cat. Wolfbreeze is delicate. The type of cat that hurts really badly and takes a long time to heal. But she is also a survivor. Strong-willed and tries to make life go on, covering up things to make life perfect. She is not very good under pressure. Parents are Darkstar and Squirrelflower, Littermate to Ravencloud, Swanclaw, Peachflight, Bravepaw, and Sparrowkit. Mate to Oakstar. (She-Cat)
Tailberry: Silver tabby tom. Tailberry is quite the feisty little tom.  He doesn't always appreciate other cats, he's picky when it comes to friends.  He's always worried about his appearance, he aims to please.  His friends would describe him as snappy, a little bossy, but a good friend.  He's extremely loyal and will fight to the death for his friends, even if he is to give up the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream.  He also uses his intelligence a lot and sometimes brags about it. Parents are Deadstar and Squirrelflower, Littermate to Darkfreckle and Flystorm. Mate to Featherprickle. (Tom)
Eaglefoot: Dark brown tabby tom. Eaglefoot is a very sweet tom. He has very strong manners towards every cat he meets, since he doesn't want to upset them for being the way he is. He isn't a clean freak but really likes his pelt to normally be spotless. He cares deeply for the friends he has and can get very protective over them. Parents are Darkstar and Pinespider, Littermate to Redash, Dapplestorm, Pumpkinsquirrel, Icekit, and Eveningkit. (Tom)
Swanclaw: Black tom. Swanclaw is mostly a cheerful cat. But when he is unhappy in some way he lets others know by seeming angry around them. He is not easily influenced by other cats. He likes to hunt and fight mostly and hates having nothing to do. Parents are Darkstar and Squirrelflower, Littermate to Ravencloud, Wolfbreeze, Peachflight, Bravepaw, and Sparrowkit. Mate to Tornflower. (Tom)
Squirrelflower: Black she-cat. Squirrelflower is regularly bright and energetic. She makes a point of being friendly to everyone. However, when death is brought up, she becomes quiet. Mate to Deadstar. (She-Cat)
Frostkit: White she-cat. Parents are Barkmouse and Thunderlion, Littermate to Fallingkit, Birchkit, and Rainkit. (She-Cat)


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