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Post  Grassfur on 3/30/2011, 9:38 pm

Former MistClan Cats V66zBVE

Weaselpaw: Fawn tabby tom. Weaselpaw is mean and almost evil. He disrespects older cats and younger, alike. (Tom)
Bluntfang: Big boned and long pelted, this cat is a very light patchy colouring with huge yellow eyes. Quite rare since most of his colouring are born female, he makes up for his feminine fur with scars and muscles. One of his ears is almost completely missing and a few of his fangs, too. Quite the grump! The only members of the clan that he doesn't loathe are the kits who come to ask him to tell stories. He loves to tell stories of his battles and fights of the distant past, to anyone that will listen. (Tom)
Featherfur: Gray tom with battle-scarred ears. Featherfur super intelligent. He is smarter than the average cat, and can solve almost any situation. He always thinks before he acts. He respects the warrior code. (Tom)
Moonclaw: Smoky black tom. Moonclaw is humble, cunning, gentle, selfless, and very cheerful. He would die for ANY of his clanmates. Moonclaw puts others before himself and he believes in doing the right thing even if it is against the warrior code. He has put all his faith into the warrior code and that has served him well. He cares more about the well-being of other cats then himself, even if they are in a different clan. Mate to Lemontail. (Tom)
Daisykit: Cream long-furred tom. Parents are Moonclaw and Lemontail, Littermate to Berrykit, Kinkkit, Reedkit, Screechkit, and Larkkit. (Tom)
Midnightpaw: Jet black tom. Midnightpaw is exuberant and active. He’s usually emotionally attached to all his friends and family. If one were to have an unfortunate event, he would spaz out and pretty much burst into tears. He is always happy, and tries to be friends with all cats, no matter what clan. Most of the time, this annoys all the other cats, but sometimes, they return his kindness by becoming good friends with Midnightpaw. Midnightpaw is extremely loyal to his own clan and will do everything to save it. But sometimes with his friendliness to all cats, older and younger, can get himself and his clan in trouble. Parents are Whitefur and Gingerclaw, Littermate to Tinypaw, Milkpaw, Dappleheart, and Duskpaw. (Tom)
Miststar: Huge dark ginger tabby tom. Miststar is a sneaky, mischievous cat. He loves little birds and is often found digging and playing with little worms. He is quite strange, though he can't take a hint from anyone else. He usually has no clue to what is going on and happening around. He sometimes dreams of becoming a loner, because he is a bit on the independent side. Lives Left: 1. Mate to Emberstream. Deputy: Whitefur (Whitestar) (Tom)
Jaggedpaw: Dark ginger tabby tom. He is a sweet and kind loyal warrior. He would love to have a mate that loved him and maybe someday have kits. He often finds himself helping queens with kits if they need help and he has finished his work of the day. He also loves swimming and spends her free time swimming if it isn’t with helping the queens with the kits. He also loves hunting but doesn’t like fighting. Parents are Miststar and Emberstream, Littermate to Ivypaw, Jaypaw, and Lavenderpaw. (Tom)
Whitestar: Golden spotted tabby tom. He is fun but is strict when he needs to be. He likes the forest sounds. He can sneak up on any can when it is leaf-bare. He likes to share fresh-kill with others. Mate to Gingerclaw. Deputy: Brokenfur (Brokenstar) (Tom)
Minkwing: Minkwing has a long, luxurious white pelt that fluffs out to give her the appearance of a rather large, walking snowball. Her eyes are perfectly round, blue and set in a slightly squished face with a tiny pink nose and mouth. Her ears have long tufts of fur jutting out from them and are quite small in size. Minkwing is a very vain, but very compassionate, young she-cat who has from the very start been much more interested in seeking out herbs and lending a helping paw to fellow clanmates rather than hunting (something she is very poor at due to her fur) or fighting. While she's not necessarily fond of getting her paws dirty, she sacrifices a flawless pelt for the good of her clan and for her work as a medicine cat which is, overall, a job she truly enjoys. (She-Cat)
Brokenstar: Brown tabby tom. Strong, noble, and proud. He is constantly improving his fighting skills, dreaming of someday becoming deputy. He doesn't quite fit in, and is constantly being pushed back from his dreams because of his ambition- he only wishes to serve his clan the best he can, which leads to him wanting to be deputy, maybe even leader. His ambitious nature is not overpowering- it's just that small feeling in the back of his mind that's saying: "Man, if I was deputy, no cat would ever mess with us!" He can be jealous of higher ranks, or senior warriors, but he can't help it. It's his nature. Mate to Berryflight. Deputy: Milkcloud (Milkstar) (Tom)
Tinyfur: Small white tom. Tinyfur is quiet and is more of a thinker than a fighter. He is kind and passionate to what he believes in.  He is loyal to his clan and has a  great ability to stay calm in tough situations.  Though he can stay calm, he is very sensitive to cats opinions of him but he will not show it. Parents are Whitestar and Gingerclaw, Littermate to Milkstar, Dappleheart, Midnightpaw, and Duskflight. Mate to Screechpelt. (Tom)
Milkstar: Creamy white tom. Milkstar is a kind, caring tom with many sad and happy memories. He is adventurous, outgoing and loves to explore. He dreams of exploring all the territories and even outside of the forest! He is very energetic and loves to play with the kits in the clan. Parents are Whitestar and Gingerclaw, Littermate to Tinyfur, Dappleheart, Midnightpaw, and Duskflight. Mate to Reedcloud. Deputies: Tinyfur, Larkwillow (Larkstar) (Tom)
Fallowstorm: Light brown tom. Fallowstorm is kind-hearted and loyal, always taking the chance to help others out. Parents are Brokenstar and Berryflight, Littermate to Adderclaw. (Tom)
Duskflight: Silver tom. Duskflight is a very fun-loving cat. So much so that it's very hard for him to have a serious moment with anyone. It's basically a must that he makes a joke out of everything, though he never means anything mean by it. He's very trustworthy, always keeping everything secret that is told to him unless he knows the other cat wouldn't care if he talked about it. He can also make friends very easily, being a very open and honest cat with whoever he meets. Parents are Whitestar and Gingerclaw, Littermate to Tinyfur, Milkstar, Dappleheart, and Midnightpaw. Mate to Lavenderwhisker. (Tom)
Jackdawkit: Black she-cat. Parents are Kinkheart and Jadestorm, Littermate to Meteorkit, Aspenkit, Streamkit, Dewkit, and Crystalkit. (She-Cat)
Kinkheart: Black tabby tom. A bubbly tom, he loves to know whats going on, but he's kind of fuzzy on the details. A very laid back tom, he loves the little things. Parents are Moonclaw and Lemontail, Littermate to Berryflight, Daisypaw, Reedcloud, Screechpelt, and Larkstar. Mate to Jadestorm. (Tom)
Wetfrost: I am a very long-furred golden tabby tom with innocent-looking eyes and a small, compact body.  I am afraid of confrontations and do anything to avoid a fight, but you will never find a more loyal friend than me. Mate to Dewstripe. (Tom)
Ivyfur: Dark ginger tabby tom. Ivyfur is a fierce type of cat. He enjoys to fight for whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and will always get what he wants because he wins the battle. Ivyfur believes in "survival of the fittest", he is determined to be stronger than any cat will ever be, so he trains almost every day by fighting cats that don't give him what he wants. Ivyfur is somewhat spoiled, but has to earn whatever he wants, which isn't too hard for him. He doesn't like making friends with any cat. Parents are Miststar and Emberstream, Littermate to Jaggedpaw, Jayfoot, and Lavenderwhisker. Mate to Bamboofur. (Tom)
Larkstar: Black tabby tom. Larkstar is generally outgoing and enjoys company. He is highly active, never liking to stay in one place for too long, unless he has specific ties to it. He is loyal and passionate to those he loves, and will fight to the end to protect them. He considers himself to be intelligent, and is very easy going. He is sometimes over affectionate, and loves romance. Parents are Moonclaw and Lemontail, Littermate to Berryflight, Daisypaw, Kinkheart, Reedcloud, and Screechpelt. Mate to Bramblefoot. Deputy: Gingerclaw (Gingerstar) (Tom)
Screechpelt: Black she-cat. Screechpelt is a friendly cat who loves to play with her clanmates. She is loyal to her clan. She always follows the warrior code. Screechpelt loves to hunt. Parents are Moonclaw and Lemontail, Littermate to Berryflight, Daisypaw, Kinkheart, Reedcloud, and Larkpaw. Mate to Tinyfur. (She-Cat)
Oceanwing: Gray-pointed tom. Oceanwing does have a soft-spot. He absolutely love families. Parents are Milkstar and Reedcloud, Littermate to Toadflower, Blackfeather, Rabbitswoop, Bristlestripe, and Dappleflight. Mate to Nightnose. (Tom)
Lavenderwhisker: Silver she-cat. This she-cat is full of energy. Lavenderwhisker is always looking to help out a fellow clanmate and enjoys to chat. She's known to continue talking until she's told to stop or been given a very clear, blunt indication the other cat is no longer interested in discussion. She takes it in stride when she's told off, merely seeking out the next cat to carry a conversation with. When it comes to her warrior duties, she jumps into each task with a cheerful disposition and positive state of mind no matter what the duty is. Parents are Miststar and Emberstream, Littermate to Ivyfur, Jaggedpaw, and Jayfoot. Mate to Duskflight. (She-Cat)

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