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Former FogClan Cats

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Post  Smalltail on 3/23/2011, 7:58 pm

Former FogClan Cats VSStGhy

Sunkit: Cream tabby tom. Parents are Fogstar and Fallingfur, Littermate to Swirlkit, Olivekit, and Lionkit. (Tom)
Swirlkit: Silver tabby she-cat. Swirlkit has a quiet personality, and doesn't speak that much. Her favorite hobby is to go outside and hunt, preferably fishing outside in the river, and getting  almost a whole pile of prey by her side. She'll always be willing to help for her Clan, and is very loyal too. She wouldn't even dare herself to mate with a tom in another Clan, even if she might be good friends with that cat. When it's starting to become leaf-fall or leaf-bare, she hunts the most. Parents are Fogstar and Fallingfur, Littermate to Sunkit, Olivekit, and Lionkit. (She-Cat)
Hawkfur: Small dusky brown she-cat. Hawkfur is smart and loyal to her clan. She doesn't believe in StarClan but it does not faze her. She is loving and kind. But threaten her or make her angry it's a different story. She's easy to get along with but she is stubborn on some subjects. Mate to Fogstar. (She-Cat)
Skyspider: White she-cat with ginger splotches. Skyspider is a very loyal cat to her clan. She will do anything to protect it. She also is a very thoughtful cat, and doesn't just care about herself. She believes in equality and always does what's right. (She-Cat)
Chillwind: Silver tabby tom. You see, Chillwind is also prone to daydreaming, and he drifts off into space often. He likes to imagine lands of peace, with no fighting and troubles. (Tom)
Lichenkit: Gray mottled tom. Lichenkit is a kind cat, raised to be gentle and friendly. He can be slow at times, but merely brushes it off as thoughtfulness. Lichenkit has never been one to be violent but he can stick up for himself if he needs to. Parents are Sunclaw and Thymepelt, Littermate to Frecklekit, Spiderkit, Brackenkit, Nightkit, and Hawkkit. (Tom)
Fogstar: Blue-gray tom. Ever since he was a kit, Fogstar has always been a bit shy and lacked much of his needed self-confidence. He tends to be nervous when speaking his opinions, and especially nervous when he is directly asked something. He fears failure, but when he succeeds at something, he can remain proud about it for quite a while. Nevertheless, he is a loyal clan member and very friendly when you get to know him. Mate to Hawkfur. Deputy: Sunclaw (Sunstar) (Tom)
Spiderkit: Dark brown tabby tom. Spiderkit is a shy cat on the outside. He doesn't like talking to cats he doesn't know that well. If you were lucky enough to have him open up to you, Spiderkit would be a whole new cat. He tends to be ditzy and never really pays attention to you, which makes him annoying to a lot of cats. He has his own sense of humor that usually comes out as sarcasm. Once in a while, he finds that friend that he really likes, and he actually treats them like they're important. Parents are Sunstar and Thymepelt, Littermate to Frecklekit, Lichenkit, Brackenkit, Nightkit, and Hawkkit. (Tom)
Frecklekit: Mottled light brown tabby she-cat. She is sweet, but in need of time, she can attack any cat or anything. She doesn't like to hunt, also she dislikes IceClan. Parents are Sunstar and Thymepelt, Littermate to Lichenkit, Spiderkit, Brackenkit, Nightkit, and Hawkkit. (She-Cat)
Sunstar: Big dark brown tabby tom. Sunstar is a kind and gentle towards every living thing. He doesn't like to fight and tries with all his might to avoid fighting. He is a creative thinker, trying to come up with ways to make the world more colorful and happy. Mate to Thymepelt. Deputy: Moonstripe. (Moonstar) (Tom)
Dapplepelt: Dappled tortoiseshell she-cat. Dapplepelt is a feisty cat. She likes to get her way, but is willing to cooperate when she feels that she strongly believes in the idea or her clan needs her to. Parents are Icestar and Lightningflower, Littermate to Morningstream. Mate to Bluetail. (She-Cat)
Mosskit: Cinnamon-colored she-cat. Parents are Willowpelt and Sparrowtail, Littermate to Crimsonkit, Scarletkit, and Maplekit. (She-Cat)
Moonstar: Sleek black and gray tabby tom. Loves the dark and moonlight. You will often find him sleeping outside. He refuses to sleep inside unless it's very cold or it's raining. Dislikes fog, because it usually hides the precious moon from him. Mate to Moonflower. Deputy: Willowpelt (Willowstar) (Tom)
Shadowpaw: Black and white tom. Shadowpaw is a peculiar cat, rather fond of sneaking out of his den at night to watch the stars. He questions StarClan at times, but really he's looking for any sign whatsoever to give him complete faith. Shadowpaw is distracted and distant from his fellow clanmates, conversation seeming to go into one ear and out the other. On occasion he won't answer a cat trying to get his attention at all, seeming to not hear them or to be just blatantly ignoring their presence. However, if you're skilled enough to crack through his exterior shell, he's an incredibly charming tom. Parents are Fawnstorm and Fallingfur. (Tom)
Cragfur: Dark gray she-cat. Cragfur is like a rose. She's beautiful, with delicate layers. However there's something hidden under the whole disguise. Somewhere, submerged below the layers of velvet pink, there's a bold side. A part of her which would do anything to protect her and clan and loved ones. There's also thorns on the stem. Without her thorns, she would be nothing. Cragfur sometimes quotes "The rose petals are my armor, and the thorns are my soul." If that's a little too evil, put it this way. The thorns and pollen are her soul. Plus, she's a big softie under the macho disguise. Parents are Fogstar and Fireface, Littermate to Sootwhisker, Fernminnow, and Voleprickle. Mate to Songear. (She-Cat)
Willowstar: Golden brown tabby tom. Willowstar is a nice tom, but sometimes he is a bit of an airhead. Don't get him wrong, he IS smart, but he has his times when he forgets things. Also, he is a bit shy. Mate to Sparrowtail. Deputy: Fernminnow (Fernstar) (Tom)
Cougarflight: Golden brown tabby tom. He has a friendly nature and generally gets along with other cats. However, he can be protective of those he is close and of his friends. He tends to start off shy, but he can normally make friends easily. However, once you get to know him, you soon find that underneath that holier-than-thou exterior lies a great friend and cat to talk to. Mate to Voleprickle. (Tom)
Songear: Thick-pelted white and cream tom. In one word, Songear could be described as "juvenile". He likes to play around and can be a pain in the neck for many older, and sometimes younger, cats. Mate to Cragfur. (Tom)
Silverheart: Ginger tom. Silverheart is strong, smart and caring. He can solve the toughest problems with the greatest of ease and helps others all the time (Even if he doesn't like them). Mate to Fireface. (Tom)
Cloudear: Gray tom. Cloudear has a short temper when angry, he can snap at an elder or a kit alike. His personality tends to depend on his current mood. (Tom)
Dark ginger tabby tom. Crimsonkit is quiet and shy, he likes to talk to others but always in a soft voice. Parents are Cinderwind and Sandcloud, Littermate to Heavykit, Duskkit, Ashkit, Bloomkit, and Sharpkit. (Tom)
Fernstar: Pale gray tom. Has an attitude and sometimes shows a side that thinks he's better than his other fellow warriors. Is very loyal and will do anything for his clan. Hard to become friends with but once you get to know him, he is one of the nicest cats you know. Parents are Fogstar and Fireface, Littermate to Sootwhisker, Voleprickle, and Cragfur. Mate to Driftfeather. Deputy: Bluetail (Bluestar) (Tom)
Breezefang: Dark gray she-cat. She is always in a very jolly mood. Always aware of her surroundings and other cats. Breezefang always puts others before herself even if it means no food from the fresh-kill pile. She always listens to others opinions, and is very loyal to her clan. (She-Cat)
Cinderwind: Long-haired white tom. Cinderwind is very humorous and likes to play fight. He wants to be leader of FogClan. Although he is nice to most cats he can be mean on a bad day. He also doesn't believe in StarClan. Mate to Sandcloud. (Tom)
Voleprickle: Ginger tabby she-cat. Voleprickle is kind of shy, but just as playful. Parents are Fogstar and Fireface, Littermate to Sootwhisker, Fernstar, and Cragfur. Mate to Cougarflight. (She-Cat)
Sorrelstripe: Golden brown tabby tom. He has a fiery temper and can be quick to jump to conclusions. He fights only when he believes the battle is just and he fights for what he believes in. Mate to Lionwhisker. (Tom)
Bluestar: Blue-gray tabby tom. Bluestar is one smart-alek cat and will do anything to prove others wrong. He hates it when he is wrong. He often acts before he thinks. When he does think it is quite logical. Mate to Dapplepelt. Deputy: Sootwhisker (Sootstar) (Tom)


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