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Post  Mousepaw-BrookClan on 2/23/2011, 10:17 pm

Former ThunderClan Cats WMf83jl

Jadepaw: Thick-pelted brown tabby tom. He has a positive out-look on life, energy, versatility, adventurousness and eagerness to extend his familiarity with all things. He enjoys it when he can just wander around and explore, and be himself, away from all the stresses created by the clans. He is basically ambitious and optimistic, and continues to be so even when his hopes are dashed. His strongly idealistic nature can also suffer many disappointments without being affected so it seems. He is honorable, honest, trustworthy, truthful, generous and sincere, with a passion for justice. He is usually on the side of the underdog in society and will fight for any cause he believes to be just, and is prepared to be rebellious. He balances loyalty with independence. He has both a profound and widely ranging mind, equipped with foresight and good judgement, and he can be a witty conversationalist. (Tom)
Thunderstar: Dark ginger tom. He is very caring would do anything for a friend. He is also very loyal and would die for his clan. Mate to Squirrelfur. Deputy: Lightningleaf (Lightningstar) (Tom)
Echopaw: Silver tabby she-cat. She is very friendly and influenced easily. She is quick to anger and to forgive. She does not think things over very well and when mad doesn't think at all. She is quick to act and stays calm in a panic. She is all about first impressions, so don't make a bad one. She loves kits and likes to battle and hunt. She does not have high self-esteem and likes to help out, but can be very lazy. She is sort of shy and quiet. Parents are Thunderstar and Willowtail, Littermate to Petalpaw. (She-Cat)
Stonekit: Dark gray tom. He is a fun loving, active cat overall. He loves playing, but even so, he can be still and quiet for quite a while. Stonekit is a bit headstrong and that's quite a personality flaw for him. Once he scared off mice just by not watching where he stepped. Parents are Lightningstar and Honeystorm, Littermate to Lightkit, Flashkit, Smallkit, and Almondkit. (Tom)
Larkpelt: Pale gray she-cat. Larkpelt, in fact, is the opposite of a lark. She is boisterous, loud, and argumentative. Larkpelt is known to get into fights about the most trivial matters because she argues her point so fiercely and belittles the cat(s) on the other side of the argument until eruption. (She-Cat)
Wolfstorm: Dark brown tabby tom. He often says that "If it ain't broke, fix it anyways!" That sort of outlines his get-up-and-go lifestyle. He doesn't like taking charge at all, or having to do anything serious, but he will if he's ordered to. Parents are Thunderstar and Fawnface, Littermate to Crow, Shadowcloud, and Spottedmouse. (Tom)
Lightningstar: Dark brown tabby tom. Lightningstar is very considerate to others. He is very open to the idea and thoughts of the wiser and elder. Though sometimes he might do things without taking them into thought. He is most likely very lovable though. Mate to Littlefur. Deputy: Lostpelt. (Loststar) (Tom)
Wheatkit: Blue-smoke and white she-cat. When they are battling, she enjoys helping the injured cats, Queens, kits, and the elders. Although she feels scared for them, she knows they will get to safer grounds. Parents are Loststar and Willowtail, Littermate to Falconkit, Tuftkit, and Midnightkit. (She-Cat)
Tuftkit: Cinnamon tabby she-cat. Tuftkit can't stand hunting. She can't get over how boring it is to sit there all day until you see a tiny little vole. Parents are Loststar and Willowtail, Littermate to Wheatkit, Falconkit, and Midnightkit. (She-Cat)
Loststar: White tom with ginger splotches. Loststar, despite his intimidating looks, can be a sociable cat. He doesn't need to go out of his way for attention, so he gladly stays in the back of the crowd. But when his name is called, he steps up and cooporates. Conversations aren't an essential part of his life; they're just there. When he's talked to, he talks. When he isn't talked to, he stays to himself. Parents are Thunderstar and Littlefur, Littermate to Russetflight. Mate to Willowtail. Deputy: Russetflight (Russetstar) (Tom)
Shadowcloud: Dark gray tabby tom. He's a true blue ThunderClan cat and his alliances will never change, no matter what happens. Shadowcloud thinks that everything his leader says is right, so he would follow them even if they were leading him to certain death. Along those lines, Shadowcloud is not a proactive fighter, but he's quite good when push comes down to shove. He's capable of loving with passion, but can't bring himself to tell anyone that he feels something more than friendship for them-not that there is anyone at all. Shadowcloud loves the night, and makes a point of sneaking out of camp as often as possible to hunt and play in the moonlight. He's gotten in trouble for it many times before, too, when he wasn't so sneaky in avoiding any sentries or watchful eyes that might be casting about. Parents are Thunderstar and Fawnface, Littermate to Crow, Wolfstorm, and Spottedmouse. (Tom)
Airpelt: Pale gray she-cat with darker flecks. She is very timid and shy. She wishes she could be brave like some of her fellow warriors. Her real need is a tom. When she is social she's quite friendly. She is more comfortable around she-cats than toms. Mate to Barkpelt. (She-Cat)
Bounceheart: Ginger tom. Bounceheart is as fragile as he looks, but he is very witty, which makes up for his lack of muscles. His emotions, although, are almost always scattered, and sometimes he easily takes what other cats say the wrong way. He doesn't judge other cats, but he can jump to conclusions quickly. He has a sharp tongue when he wants to, but he would always help a cat in need, even if it would get him in trouble. He is adventurous and curious, and dreams of doing something big and important one day. He has a special charm that draws cats in, but he is oblivious to the fact. Parents are Thunderstar and Meadowflower, Littermate to Sharpfall and Buzzardfur. Mate to Lizardheart. (Tom)
Flashpelt: Orange tom. He is kind, gentle, and very softspoken tom, most cats view him as a wise and extremely talented cat. Most of the time, Flashpelt is the quietest cat that any cat could know, this makes him look shy. His outgoing nature often surprises many cats due to being judged by his silent streak. Parents are Lightningstar and Honeystorm, Littermate to Lightrain, Stonekit, Smallberry, and Almondtail. Mate to Littlefang. (Tom)
Russetstar: Dark ginger tom. Loyalty for his clan is something that Russetstar cannot grasp easily. While he would never let a clanmate die with him attempting to prevent the death, he will never throw his life away for another. Self-preservation is one of the main emotions this cat regularly feels. While he won't allow a cat to die without him trying something, Russetstar will never allow death to grasp him. Parents are Thunderstar and Littlefur, Littermate to Loststar. Mate to Mouseshine. (Tom) Deputy: Almondtail (Almondstar)
Maplestorm: Pale ginger she-cat. She's usually in a happy mood, and is always eager to learn new things. She's also very clutzy, she'll even sometimes trip over herself. She likes to think positively with any and all situations. While she's a positive kind of cat, she has a short temper, and it doesn't take much to throw her off. Mate to Fernstorm. (She-Cat)
Troutegg: Gray tabby tom. Troutegg is a very stubborn cat. He dreams of being a medicine cat even though he's a tom. His dream of being a medicine cat is far away, but ever since he was a moon or two old, he studied medicine. He loved it. Fishing is another passion of his. Parents are Lilytail and Mistynose, Littermate to Lizardheart, Brokenclaw, Meadowpaw, and Sealpaw. Mate to Strawmouse. (Tom)
Dustybird: Cream tom with dark brown points. He doesn't react well to instructions and can be rude and uncaring. He is also very hard to befriend. When someone does become his friend, he changes completely. He can be funny and caring, but hardly ever shows that side of himself. Parents are Fernstorm and Maplestorm, Littermate to Strawmouse, Zebrafire, Speckledcloud, and Orangeowl. (Tom)
Olivestem: Silver tabby she-cat. Olivestem is quiet and vain. She's the strong silent type and usually answers questions with a simple nod or just a yes. Parents are Fogstar and Fallingfur, Littermate to Swirlkit, Sunkit, and Lionpaw. Mate to Ragingwind. (She-Cat)


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