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Elders of CliffPack

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Elders of CliffPack Empty Elders of CliffPack

Post  Cliffstar on 1/9/2021, 11:57 pm

Elders of CliffPack HT8PxJX

Ashstripe: White and brown pit bull dog. Chaotic good. (Dog)
Peachtail: Tan and black mastiff dog. Will not start fights / will end fights / won't run. (Dog)
Sorrelheart: Brindle and white pit bull she-dog. Lawful neutral. (She-Dog)
Pepperfur: Brindle pit bull dog. Will start fights / will end fights / won't run. (Dog)

Elders of CliffPack Cliffspring
StarClan: Cliffspring
CliffPack: Cliffstar

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