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Elders of BeePride

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Elders of BeePride Empty Elders of BeePride

Post  Dapplestar on 12/4/2020, 7:29 pm

Elders of BeePride EYepius

Hailtail: Half golden, half white female leopard. I am very forgetful,  but no matter what, my heart is in the right place. (Female)
Kestrelfur: Black female leopard with almost white-yellow eyes. She is still often oblivious but has gained knowledge and maintained a balance between her duties and personal life. (Female)
Spottedstorm: A dark golden leopard with a white chin. She would defend BeePride with her life, and proudly does her job as a warrior. (Female)
Silverfang: A very pale, mostly white save for her head and black spots female leopard. Never get on Silverfang's bad side. She is fairly nice to strangers, but enemy warriors squirm under her gaze. When happy, she's just as nice as any leopard you could find. (Female)
Morningleg: Golden female leopard with a multitude of spots. When she's pissed off, Morningleg loves to make life hell for the unfortunate leopard who got on her bad side. She'll become a pesky little burr, trailing after the leopard and interrupting them, throwing around dirty language, and punctuating statements with loud belches. Parents are Beestar and Dewfur, Littermate to Fernwater and Patchsquirrel. (Female)
Patchsquirrel: Golden male leopard with a bright pink nose. This odd leopard is secluded and mysterious. He is not usually social, but does make occasional small-talk. Patchsquirrel does not usually take interest in females. Parents are Beestar and Dewfur, Littermate to Fernwater and Morningleg. (Male)
Cinderfang: Bright golden female leopard. Being rather solitary and independent, Cinderfang keeps to herself and likes it that way. She can be arrogant at times, and is usually unfriendly. To have her as a friend, you must prove that you can be a worthy ally to her, otherwise you will have to deal with a surly, hostile and derisive leopard. Parents are Beestar and Coyoteface. (Female)
Ripplepelt: Golden female leopard with white paws and large yellow eyes.She is a strong-willed leopard, but can be a bit mischievious at times. (Female)
Streampelt: A very dark golden and heavily spotted female leopard.  Streampelt is quiet and shy. She is often in a goood mood. She would rather stay on dry land then go into water. (Female)
Dewfur: Dark golden leopard with a white chin and lower face. She's quite the questioning little leopard, always wondering "Why?", "How?", and "When?". But her big question is always why. Why would they do that? Why did it happen? Dewfur's quite the little cynic, trying to find the real reason, not just the because. (Female)
Lambswool: A skinny leopard with a bright pink nose and golden fur that fades as it goes down his body. Lambswool was born with a inclination towards learning, that matched with his endless curiosity. (Male)

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