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Apprentices of CliffPack

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Apprentices of CliffPack Empty Apprentices of CliffPack

Post  Cliffstar on 11/7/2020, 7:37 pm

Ashpaw: White and tan bully dog. Ashpaw is very secretive and views everyone with a certain amount of distrust. Mentor is Luckyfur. (Dog)
Morningpaw: Tan and white bully dog. Deep relationships with Morningpaw are difficult to form. On whims, he'll make 'friends' easily, tailing anyone interesting or gutsy in hopes of fun times; however, his outlook on bonds is almost never serious. For now, the most commitment that he'll bear is repaying a favor, and anything beyond that is purely subjected to his impulses. Romance is of virtually no interest to him, as it doesn't fulfill any of his wandering needs. Mentor is Beachpelt. (Dog)
Birdpaw: Tan and white hound she-dog. Lawful neutral. Mentor is Blackstorm. (She-Dog)
Buckpaw: White and brindle bully she-dog. ISFJ | Sanguine | Hufflepuff |lawful good. Mentor is Mountaintail. (She-Dog)

Apprentices of CliffPack Cliffspring
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