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Former RainClan Cats

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Post  Thunderlion on 2/19/2011, 6:57 pm

Former RainClan Cats Zp0vTMT

Cinderwing: Silver tabby tom. He always seems to maintain a constant bubbly and cheerful attitude, even when in the presence of those of higher status. He sees no real shame in acting carefree, even if others expect him to do otherwise. Why should he change just because of their opinion? It is because of this belief that he has gotten himself into a good many sticky situations. But, being the upbeat character that he is, he always manages to find some way out; even if it means playing possum. (Tom)
Silverfang: Mottled brown tabby tom. He is a very fierce tom and has a temper like no other. (Tom)
Squirrelpelt: Black tom. He is kind-hearted, intelligent, clumsy, but being clumsy doesn't affect his hunting skills. He always tries to do his best, and he always likes to look on the bright side of things. When it comes to battling he is very fierce and protective. He can be very perky, he hates rudeness, and he doesn't like surprises very much. (Tom)
Bluekit: Gray tom. Bluekit is a friendly tom, although he seems tough. He doesn't reflect on the past much, or even the future. All he worries about is the present. Bluekit is known for his way of hiding things he doesn't want to be told. He is great at keeping secrets, and never tells any of his own to any cat. Parents are Blazetail and Specklesun, Littermate to Thrushkit, Whitekit, Archkit, Heatherkit, and Hailkit. (Tom)
Forestface: Chocolate-brown tabby she-cat. Personality: Forestface is dangerous and fierce, but yet at the same time she has a soft side.  Mate to Rowanpelt. (She-Cat)
Rainstar: Golden tom with black stripes. He's super kind and proper, he wouldn't even kill prey unless he had to do it to survive. He often is very keen to fall for she-cats, which works out well with the code that they live by. Mate to Honeywing. Deputy: Blazetail (Blazestar) (Tom)
Blazestar: Blue-gray tom. Blazestar is normally very friendly to other cats despite his menacing looks; however, when angered he goes into an intense rage where nobody has control over his actions, including himself. This rage also carries into battle, where he is a force to be reckoned with. His loyalty to RainClan is unwavering and he does whatever he can to protect his clanmates; he hates all cats from other clans and doesn't understand why other cats can actually have friends outside RainClan. Mate to Specklesun. Deputy: Sleekspots (Sleekstar) (Tom)
Dangerkit: White she-cat. Dangerkit is distant from most of the common affairs of the cats among the clan, while most cats are considering mates and litters, she is more concerned with the business of the clan, reports from patrols, and any disturbances on the clan’s territory. Parents are Thornfoot and Tigerfur, Littermate to Robinkit, Tanglekit, Purplekit, and Poisonkit. (She-Cat)
Twilightclaw: Blue-gray she-cat. Twilightclaw is very quick and swift. She is very intelligent and she is fast on her paws. Parents are Rainstar and Clawtail, Littermate to Greenhail. (She-Cat)
Poisonkit: Gray tabby she-cat. Her overall demeanor has remained calm and reserved, but there appears to be more under the surface now. As she has grown Poisonkit seems to have an odd obsession with hunting, fighting, and the training of apprentices more than anything else. She throws all her efforts into such tasks and by doing so, her fellow clanmates begin to question her mentality.  Parents are Thornfoot and Tigerfur, Littermate to Robinkit, Tanglekit, Purplekit, and Dangerkit. (She-Cat)
Sleekstar: Light gray tabby tom. Sleekstar seems to be a friendly, happy outgoing tom on the outside. But truly he is a psychotic serial killer whom longs for blood. When his fake personality is shown he is very patient and loving. He also seems to be very loyal to his clan when truly he hates every thing about it. When his true personality is showing he is easily irritated and very moody. He also will occasionally show his true personality when pushed too far. Mate to Stormfang. Deputy: Rowanpelt (Rowanstar)(Tom)
Spiritkit: White she-cat with charcoal points. Lonely is Spiritkit's middle name, figuratively. Parents are Archcloud and Morningstream, Littermate to Stonekit, Ravenkit, Silentkit, Saplingkit, and Nightkit. (She-Cat)
Rowanstar: Big dark brown tabby tom. Rowanstar is an overall friendly cat. He goes out of his way to make everyone in his clan happy, even if it means doing a hunting patrol and a border patrol right after one another. His favorite hobby is to make friends, especially with the nursery kits. He tries not to get on the bad side of anyone, whether from her clan or another. Mate to Forestface. Deputy: Mudowl (Mudstar) (Tom)
Pumaclaw: Light brown tom. Humble, but can be a bore, because he believes he should prepare to be an apprentice instead of playing. He can tell a lie and hangs around the elder's den. Parents are Rowanstar and Forestface, Littermate to Gopherfur and Dillcloud. (Tom)
Swallowcloud: Dark golden tabby tom. Swallowcloud's personality is mixed. He can be a excellent fighter when needed, and he won't hesitate to fight. But, he also can be friendly when he wants. He best reacts to suggestions then orders. He is very stubborn. When Swallowpaw knows he has to do something important, se slacks off until the last second. Parents are Rainstar and Honeywing, Littermate to Leaftail, Rushear, and Mothshade. (Tom)
Rowansong: Golden tabby tom. Rowansong is a cat who really doesn't talk. He loves to lie in the snow and during that period with no snow, he runs through the grass. Rowansong is not a very big fan of war. He'd rather go hunting. He takes orders from his leader and deputy without command. He is rarely near the camp, perfering the forest covered in blankets of snow. Usually, when he is in camp, he is either sleeping or taking commands. Parents are Rainstar and Tigerfur, Littermate to Blackpaw, Jaggedstem, and Gorsewillow. Mate to Sandwhisker. (Tom)
Thornfoot: Golden brown tabby tom. Thornfoot is pretty easygoing. He is not one to pick fights with others. Parents are Rainstar and Forestface, Littermate to Brackenheart, Mudstar, and Leopardstripe. Mate to Tigerfur. (Tom)
Shrewfeather: Skinny black tom. Shrewfeather is very sweet and generous. His pelt seems to glow in the sun. He is very enthusiastic and energetic. Parents are Rainstar and Fernflower. (Tom)
Greenhail: Creamy-brown tom. Greenhail LOVES a good adventure. He is very brave, and never backs down from a challenge. He loves making new friends. He is very energetic, and never gets tired. He also jokes around alot. That makes him a great friend. He almost never gets angry. Parents are Rainstar and Clawtail, Littermate to Twilightclaw. (Tom)
Mudstar: Mottled dark brown tom. Mudstar seems to be a loner in the clan. He never seems to mingle among his clanmates. Has he ever found a friend? No, not really. He has no lover, though he really isn't looking for it. He prefers to let it sneak up on him. Parents are Rainstar and Forestface, Littermate to Brackenheart, Thornfoot, and Leopardstripe. Mate to Firefang. Deputy: Thrushfur (Thrushstar) (Tom)
Mothshade: Dappled golden tom. Mothshade is a gentle cat, very loving. His problem is that he thinks plenty things are good for other cats, but they are not. He thinks before he acts. He makes sure he knows whats going on in his clan all the time. Mothshade can be as loud as a huge gust of wind, or as silent as a small one. He talks a lot. Parents are Rainstar and Honeywing, Littermate to Leaftail, Rushear, and Swallowcloud. Mate to Birchclaw. (Tom)


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