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Post  Thornstar on 6/28/2020, 1:10 pm

Warriors of LeopardPack 9tXSYJJ

Senior Warriors:
Rowanwind: Black and white pit bull dog. Intelligent and quiet. (Dog)
Tornadofur: Cream and white chihuahua she-dog. Torandofur is an optimistic, friendly, and very easy to like dog. She can be a little pacifistic at time and is reluctant to fight. She keeps to her goals and does her best to achieve the things she desires. (She-Dog)
Aspenheart: Black labrador dog. Courageous, Stubborn, Outspoken, Compassionate. (Dog)
Sunstripe: Black terrier dog. Sunstripe is sociable and rarely gives in easily. His positive, can-do attitude gradually begins to affect everyone around him. (Dog)
Reedshine: Fawn and white boxer she-dog. Brave, outgoing, reserved, intelligent, wise, caring, humerus, determined, cunning, calculating. (She-Dog)

Quickwater: Black and tan pit bull she-dog. A begrudging, wandering soul. A personality consistent of harsh words and bluntness, blatant truth and deception. She's a mysterious creature, quiet and solitary; the definition of having a look that could kill. Quickwater is an earnest creature which would easily sacrifice the life of one dog to then save the lives of many more. She's not cruel or manipulative, though grudgingly polite. (She-Dog)
Cloudedpool: Black and white border collie she-dog. If Cloudedpool's personality could be summed up in one word, it would be sweetheart. She loves making friends with even the most unlikely and is very against judging others, especially based on appearance. Cloudedpool believes in forgiveness and couldn't hold a grudge longer than a day. The dog would go great lengths to help someone in need despite the danger she may be putting herself in. (She-Dog)
Garlicwing: Gray pit bull dog. Most will think he's quiet, they may at first say he's shy. After that they'll say something about how Garlicwing is a 'calm and collected dog'  It is not exactly correct, although it does hint at the truth. (Dog)
Foxpetal: Black and white pit bull dog. Sleeps all the time. (Dog)
Thorneagle: Red terrier she-dog. No motivation. (She-Dog)
Rowanfur: Black and white border collie she-dog. Intelligent and quiet. (She-Dog)
Rowanheart: Brown and white pit bull dog. Quiet as heck. (Dog)
Cloudspots: Black and white pit bull dog. Relationships can be difficult to form with Cloudspots due to his distant and often cold personality. Romantic relationships are even harder to form, and it is rare than anyone catches his eye romantically. (Dog)
Blackpoppy: Black and white border collie she-dog. Compassionate, dedicated, energetic, steadfast, vivacious. Parent is Rowanfur, Littermate to Mothsmoke, Hollynose, and Fernstripe. (She-Dog)
Hollynose: Black and white border collie she-dog. Competitive, moralistic, outspoken, stubborn, self-conscious. Parent is Rowanfur, Littermate to Mothsmoke, Blackpoppy, and Fernstripe. (She-Dog)
Fernstripe: Black border collie she-dog. Childish, easily distracted, excitable, aggressive, irritable. Parent is Rowanfur, Littermate to Mothsmoke, Blackpoppy, and Hollynose. (She-Dog)
Cloudface: Black and white pit bull she-dog. Optimistic, loyal, encouraging, caring, loving, confident, precise, stubborn, domineering, fussy, insensitive and interfering. (She-Dog)

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