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Post  Trufflestar on 12/5/2019, 6:51 pm

Warriors of BuzzardPride PzRlic9

Senior Warriors:
Robintail: Spotted brown male bobcat. Robintail seems to give off the aura of mystery. He doesn't mean to, it just happens. (Male)
Glowfur: Spotted brown male bobcat. Polite and caring, considerate, selfless, intelligent, humorous, optimistic, generally appears very happy, adventurous, helpful. (Male)
Shineclaw: Spotted brown male bobcat. Has faith in his pridemates, even when they don't, will sometimes push them a little because of that though. (Male)
Sandheart: Spotted brown female bobcat. Although she can be cunning and sly, she usually has the pride's best interest at heart. Sandheart was taught at a young age to be loyal to her pride, and only her pride. So with this loyalty, she will seem to do anything for her pride. However maybe some things maybe over the top, her mind is sometimes clouded by this. Generally, she is pleasant to be around. (Female)
Scarletclaw: Spotted brown male bobcat. Scarletclaw seems childish and distracted on the outside. But really, he is devious and creepily manipulative. (Male)

Wildwhisker: Spotted brown male bobcat. Wildwhisker is a sweet bobcat. (Male)
Blossomflight: Spotted brown female bobcat. Blossomflight is a very smart bobcat. You might find her to be shy at your first meeting with her, but she will usually warm up to you. She is very wild and hyper most of the time after she gets to know you. (Female)
Iceleg: Spotted brown male bobcat.  I am very nervous and always twitching with anxiety,  but you will never find a more loyal friend than me. (Male)
Dustdrop: Spotted brown female bobcat. Dustdrop is a bobcat of many colors. She is complex and sometimes hard to figure out. Most times you can only see the version of her that she wants you to see. Her mask, but sometimes, you will be able to find a sliver of who the real Dustdrop is. (Female)
Deathdrink: Spotted brown female bobcat. This cheeky little bobcat is one of the biggest flirts you will ever meet. (female)
Gravestone: Spotted brown female bobcat. Gravestone is a bobcat of many colors, maintaining a sugar-and-ice type of personality. whatever else you might want to describe Gravestone as, the one keyword that fits her personality just right, based on first impressions, is INNOCENT. (Female)
Fangedskeleton: Spotted brown female bobcat. A sweet little bobcat. (Female)
Bloomheart: Spotted brown female bobcat. Can (will) make anything sound much better than it really is. (Female)
Flashnose: Spotted brown female bobcat. She will not make eye contact and will avoid it as much as possible. She believes it is too intimate and will usually look just above or below the bobcat's eyes. (Female)
Poppyfrost: Brown spotted female bobcat. She notices the little things, however insignificant they may appear to others. (Female)
Hollyflower Brown spotted female bobcat. Loving | giver | sweetheart | playful. (Female)
Birdheart: Spotted brown female bobcat. Kind, stubborn, takes very long time in trusting strangers. (Female)
Crystalpetal: Spotted brown male bobcat. I am a bit naive, and maybe I just need to gain more confidence. (Male)

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