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Leaders of FoxClan

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Leaders of FoxClan Empty Leaders of FoxClan

Post  Dawnstar on 11/24/2019, 4:49 pm

Leaders of FoxClan ELDmmhz

Dawnstar: Gray tabby tom with black stripes. Dawnstar always is confident and is willing to fight to the death. Mate to Stormleaf. Lives Left: 8. (Tom)

Owlstripe: Pale brown tabby she-cat. Even though she plans out everything, she usually goes head into it without trying it out first. Parent is Jasminestorm, Littermate to Hollyfur, Daystripe, and Moonbird. (She-Cat)

Medicine Cat(s):
Gorseheart: Very pale gray and white she-cat. Because she likes playing around so much, sometimes it may seem to others like she doesn't take things seriously at all, but that's not true. When she has to be serious, she's serious. Parents are Echostripe of AirClan and Warthogwhisker. (She-Cat)

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