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Warriors of FoxClan ELDmmhz

Senior Warriors:
Fallenskip: Dark brown tabby tom with white legs. Fallenskip is a stubborn tom with a mind of his own. He likes to do things his way but respects those above him and their orders. He gets angry easily and sometimes can be hard to calm down. He can be a pain in the tail when he gets irritated or wants to change the way something happens. He is definitely not the kind to back down from a challenge either. Mate to Lionstripe. (Tom)
Redwing: Thick-furred black tom. He is very annoyed with young cats- such as kits and apprentices. Mate to Redear. (Tom)
Jasmineflight: Black and white tom. First and foremost, Jasmineflight is a free spirit who doesn't like to be contained. If he is, he makes his unhappiness known by lashing out. Although a peaceful cat at heart, he will use his claws if need be. Second, Jasmineflight is a heartbreaker. He's sweet and flirty, but would never commit himself to anyone. He's incredibly sweet and loves kits and socializing. Mate to Jasminestorm. (Tom)
Ivorywing: Mottled white tom. He likes flowers, kind cats, hunting, snow, and his friends. (Tom)

Appleclaw: Dark gray tom. Appleclaw is a fun loving, free spirit who will always speak his mind. He is extremely stubborn and determined and because of that, his pride is huge. Appleclaw doesn't flaunt it though because he is very humble. (Tom)
Whiteflower: Orange tabby she-cat. She likes flowers, kind cats, hunting, snow, and her friends. (She-Cat)
Hollyfur: Black tom. Arrogant and stubborn at first glance if you're male, arrogant, stubborn, and flirtatious if you're female, Hollyfur's first impressions aren't always the greatest. He can also be seen as rather headstrong when it comes to certain situations. Parent is Jasminestorm, Littermate to Daystripe, Owlstripe, and Moonbird. (Tom)
Daystripe: Honey-golden tom. Daystripe is a little out there. Parent is Jasminestorm, Littermate to Hollyfur, Owlstripe, and Moonbird. (Tom)
Eaglefur: Gray tabby tom. Eaglefur is always serious. He follows orders, and likes to be alone most of the time. Parent is Whiteflower, Littermate to Leafmoon. (Tom)
Leafmoon: Brown tabby she-cat. Leafmoon is a gentle and fun-loving cat who loves to play and is relaxed with younger cats. She has a great desire to please, which makes her easy to get along with. Leafmoon always wants to be where her friends are. Parent is Whiteflower, Littermate to Eaglefur. (She-Cat)
Lioncloud: Gray and white she-cat. Lioncloud is a brave and slightly thick-headed she-cat. (She-Cat)
Ivoryflower: Dark gray and white she-cat. If you simply thought that Ivoryflower is mean and cold and calculating, you're right on two of three points. She is cold, and she is extremely calculative, but she isn't mean, at least, not outright. She is determined though, and very ambitious. (She-Cat)
Thornthunder: Brown tom. Gives everyone multiple second chances. (Tom)
Sparrowalder: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Is really clumsy. (She-Cat)
Sleepnose: White she-cat. Clingy, bossy, childish, moody, temperamental, reckless, over protective, difficult and easily bored. Parent is Lioncloud, Littermate to Shatteredshade, Flamenettle, and Littlewing. (She-Cat)
Shatteredshade: Gray tabby tom. Shatteredshade is an optimist who is never afraid to take risks. He is always in a good mood and likes to look at the bright side of things. He is determined, and once his mind is set on something, nothing can stop him. He may be successful, but because of his persistent personality, he often overexerts himself. Parent is Lioncloud, Littermate to Sleepnose, Flamenettle, and Littlewing. (Tom)
Flamenettle: Flame point she-cat. She is determined and hard-working, but she is also a bit of a glutton and quite lazy at times. When push comes to shove, however, she always tries her best! Parent is Lioncloud, Littermate to Sleepnose, Shatteredshade, and Littlewing. (She-Cat)
Littlewing: Gray and white she-cat. She achieves her goals through sheer willpower alone, and she somehow believes she can take on anything. She is quite reckless, therefore, and she needs to be watched. Parent is Lioncloud, Littermate to Sleepnose, Shatteredshade, and Flamenettle. (She-Cat)
Gorsefoot: Very pale gray and white she-cat. She will not make eye contact and will avoid it as much as possible. She believes it is too intimate and will usually look just above or below the cat's eyes. (She-Cat)
Kinkfall: Black tabby tom. A suck-up of a tom; sort of a cat-pleaser. Hates being disliked, and constantly worries about how other cats view him. There are very few cats he is truly comfortable with, but when he is with those cats he can become very touchy-feely. Parents are Crookedtail of AirClan and Ivoryflower, Littermate to Mintwhisker, Chasingpetal, Risingfur, and Smokybreeze. (Tom)
Mintwhisker: Light gray tabby she-cat. Generally kind and a good listener.  Parents are Crookedtail of AirClan and Ivoryflower, Littermate to Kinkfall, Chasingpetal, Risingfur, and Smokybreeze. (She-Cat)
Chasingpetal: Gray and white she-cat. Usually a realist, terribly shy, though she manages it well, awkward as hell around with strangers, not too good with words. Parents are Crookedtail of AirClan and Ivoryflower, Littermate to Kinkfall, Mintwhisker, Risingfur, and Smokybreeze. (She-Cat)
Risingfur: Gray and white tom. Hates being left out of things, it's easy to make him feel unwanted, sort of a worrywart, though it's easy to pacify him. Parents are Crookedtail of AirClan and Ivoryflower, Littermate to Kinkfall, Mintwhisker, Chasingpetal, and Smokybreeze. (Tom)
Smokybreeze: Gray and white tom. Smokybreeze is a somewhat complicated character. Parents are Crookedtail of AirClan and Ivoryflower, Littermate to Kinkfall, Mintwhisker, Chasingpetal, and Risingfur. (Tom)
Dustear: Gray tabby she-cat. Energetic, eccentric, sassy, sly, gossip, inquisitive, sarcastic. Parents are Rookstar and Silverspot, Littermate to Mothwhisker. (She-Cat)
Redleap: Gray tabby she-cat with white legs. Her tongue is barbed; she will lash out when she loses her grip on her temper. Redleap's known to have a dry sense of humor, and will make sarcastic comments on a situation. While that means she may get glared at, she'll give a glare straight back. Mate to Vanillafoot. (She-Cat)
Mothwhisker: White she-cat. Determined, strong-willed, protective, loyal, intelligent, selfless, calm. Parents are Rookstar and Silverspot, Littermate to Dustear. (She-Cat)
Squirreldaisy: Dark ginger tom. Can never sit still especially when he's talking. Parents are Vanillafoot and Redleap. (Tom)
Stormleaf: Dark orange she-cat with brown legs and ears. Stormleaf is a little moody at times. The majority of her time is spent in a pleasant, playful mood. Mate to Dawnstar. (She-Cat)
Brambleface: Dark brown tabby she-cat. Extremely knowledgeable about herbs. Parents are Dawnstar and Stormleaf. (She-Cat)

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