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Elders of FoxClan

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Elders of FoxClan Empty Elders of FoxClan

Post  Dawnstar on 11/23/2019, 11:44 pm

Elders of FoxClan ELDmmhz

Shadebird: Small ginger tabby she-cat. Known to be a calm, patient, strong-hearted she-cat. (She-Cat)
Lionfang: Light brown tabby tom. Above all Lionfang is flirty. He's smooth, not just smooth-talking: he's graceful. He's intelligent, although most of his intelligence is wasted. He's on the self centered side as well. (Tom)
Lilacflame: Orange and gray she-cat. Depending on which Clan you come from, Lilacflame is a deeply caring cat who wants those around her (in FoxClan) to be happy, healthy and fed. However, a seam of hate runs deep within her to the other Clans. She, although a sweet, slightly submissive cat to Clanmates, loathes the other five Clans and wishes nothing more than to see them grovel. (She-Cat)
Warthogwhisker: White she-cat. She brags about her strength, and is quite gullible. She will often take someone's word without asking for proof, imminently trusting any cat unless given a reason otherwise. She's usually laid back and easygoing. She loves to have the kits look up to her. She does have separation anxiety. So when she really, truly trusts someone with her life and they haven't seen each other in a while she will begin to grow anxious. Despite what she brags about, her strength isn't all that great. One of her best moves is to ram into the opponent. (She-Cat)

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