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Leaders of WolfPride

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Leaders of WolfPride Empty Leaders of WolfPride

Post  Stealthstar on 9/15/2019, 7:21 pm

Leaders of WolfPride E9p3A9n

Stealthstar: Darker tawny female, almost black spots pattern across the top on her head. Stealthstar is generally quite happy and is very eager to learn. She has great respect for both hierarchies and lowly cats alike, although she is keen to make her opinion known and can sometimes seem rude. Other than that she is very polite. When facing an enemy she will spit insults out and has a habit of talking non-stop nonsense to try and confuse her enemy. Stealthstar is an effective fighter and despite her normally happy attitude, she can anger easily - it does not take much to get her claws out! She can also occasionally seem vicious. Parents are Wolfstar and Brindlefur. Lives Left: 7. (Female)

Crowtail: Golden male with a hint of spots on his legs. He is protective of his pride's boundaries, but kind and caring. He believes he is funny, and tries to tell jokes. He is strong and brave as well. Parents are Wolfstar and Lightningpelt, Littermate to Ratstripe, Nightwhisker, Webstar, and Robinberry. (Male)

Medicine Lion(s):
Littlemoon: Dark golden female lion. Processing many morals, Littlemoon has a strong ability to make wise choices in difficult decisions, always putting the pride before herself when she does. Often, she tends keeps a serious front on the outside toward others - but is very caring and passionate on the inside. Parents are Woodstar and Stealthstar, Littermate to Goldenpaw, Snowpaw, and Lilacpaw. (Female)
Mongoosepaw: Rusty male lion.  Has a dark stripe running down his back. If you had to use a word to describe Mongoosepaw, it is bloodthirsty. Parents are Hawkstar and Zebratail, Littermate to Meerkatpaw. Mentor is Littlemoon. (Male)

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