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Warriors of WolfPride

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Post  Stealthstar on 9/15/2019, 7:20 pm

Warriors of WolfPride E9p3A9n

Senior Warriors:
Maplegleam: She is a very light golden fading to an off-white belly and throat with slightly darker, nearly invisible, spots on her paws and around her pink nose. Maplegleam is an attractive lion and she knows it. For this reason she is very careful around her leader, as she is almost afraid of having cubs. She knows that she would inevitably have a male and that she would have to send him away, and she resents this. She is a naturally good hunter and has always been praised for this, though she is very humble and quiet. For this reason, and her obvious beauty, she has been the focus of jealousy from many a warrior. (Female)
Ratstripe: Golden female with a thick tussle of fur. Parents are Wolfstar and Lightningpelt, Littermate to Crowtail, Nightwhisker, Webstar, and Robinberry. (Female)
Nightwhisker: Dark golden male with a black stripe down his back. A tad conceited, always referring to himself as awesome, very fun-loving and friendly. Hurt anyone he cares for and you're dead. Parents are Wolfstar and Lightningpelt, Littermate to Crowtail, Ratstripe, Webstar, and Robinberry. (Male)
Robinberry: Dark golden male with a black stripe down his back. Being small in size, he relies more on his agility than his strength. Not very used to climbing trees but prefers jumping. Parents are Wolfstar and Lightningpelt, Littermate to Crowtail, Ratstripe, Nightwhisker, and Webstar. (Male)
Pathstorm: A dark colored female with a white chin, a very regal air follows her. Her spots from cubhood have never left her body and have given her a slightly dappled appearance. She has a very sharp tongue. She can be very sweet towards those she trusts, which is very few lions. (Female)
Witherfang: A dark female lion with a white chin. Witherfang puts up a wall between herself and other lions, a sense of bravado, almost. If you don't know her, she can seem quite self-involved, perhaps even slightly narcissistic. Once you get to know her, however, you will find it is not hard to peel away this layer to find the shy, awkward lion in desperate need of more self confidence hidden underneath. On her good days, Witherfang is a lively little thing; excitable, curious, impulsive and energetic. However, when things are not going her way her mood quickly becomes volatile, making her irritable and liable to lash out at anyone in her immediate vicinity. (Female)
Stormbriar: A dark male lion with a white chest. Stormbriar is an almost mystical lion. He walks with a long stride. He daydreams a lot and it makes him look like he is in a trance. He seems only to see the good in the world. Parents are Midnightstar and Cloverflower, Littermate to Leafpetal. (Male)
Dawnthorn: Pale golden male. Dawnthorn is very sage and wise, but he tends to overthink things a lot. For example, hunting is always hard for him, even if he comes up with a good strategy. He is amiable, down-to-earth, and willing to help anyone in need. He is determined to what he does and doesn't give up easily. Parents are Wolfstar and Pathstorm, Littermate to Hailfoot. (Male)
Bloodlotus: A dark female lion. Upbeat, humorous, sarcastic, silly, childish in some ways, optimistic most of the time, outgoing, friendly, strong-willed, stubborn. (Female)
Hailfoot: Medium golden male with dark markings on his pelt. If you told me to summarize Hailfoot's personality in a few words they would be; a bad comedian mixed with a dash of mischief and a whole lotta' loyalty. Hailfoot loves to be unique and couldn't care less about what others think of him. Parents are Wolfstar and Pathstorm, Littermate to Dawnthorn. (Male)
Goldenstripe: White male lion. Goldenstripe is a proud and determined WolfPride lion who would do anything for his pride. He is often opinionated, always standing up for what he believes in, though is always willing to open his mind to others. Respect is quite important to this lion, causing him to frown hard upon disrespect and those whom display it. He is a supporter of peace, always attempting to keep it whenever possible.. Though he isn't afraid break it without question if he has to. Parents are Woodstar and Stealthtail, Littermate to Littlemoon, Snowthistle, and Lilacweed. (Male)
Tinycloud: Dark golden female lion. Cold | distant | tired | hurt. (Female)
Appledawn: Dark golden female lion. Opinionated and vocal. (Female)
Snowthistle: Dark golden male lion. Snowthistle is a docile, understanding lion. He tries his best to get along with everyone. He isn't, however, afraid to speak his opinion. Snowthistle hates unnecessary war, but will jump into battle if needed. Parents are Woodstar and Stealthtail, Littermate to Goldenstripe, Littlemoon, and Lilacweed. (Male)
Lilacweed: Golden female lion. Lilacweed has the personality of a fox. She's cocky, clever, and a bit sly to all the lions and her prey. Often times, you'll find her beating herself up because of the big dent these put in her social skills, but no matter what she tries, it always happens again. Parents are Woodstar and Stealthtail, Littermate to Goldenstripe, Littlemoon, and Snowthistle. (Female)
Bearstripe: Golden female lion. This lion thinks that the key lesson in life is that you can attract better with honey rather than vinegar. Parents are Woodstar and Aquaflower. (Female)

Brindlefur:  She is very short tempered. Brindlefur will fight anyone but friends and lions she respects if they get on her nerves. (Female)
Zebratail: Tawny lioness with amber eyes and black ear tips and tail tuft.  Zebratail is a happy go lucky lion. She's always keeping busy with her duties or playing silly pranks on the other paws. (Female)
Ottersplash: Dark golden female lion. Very easy to form a platonic relationship with. (Female)

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