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Queens and Cubs of WolfPride

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Queens and Cubs of WolfPride Empty Queens and Cubs of WolfPride

Post  Stealthstar on 9/15/2019, 7:18 pm

Queens and Cubs of WolfPride E9p3A9n

Rainsong: Darkly marked, almost copper colored female lion. Rainsong is proper, mysterious and calm. She never loses her temper and she is always there. Parents are Midnightstar and Leafpelt, Littermate to Talonfang. (Female)
Lightningpelt: Small tawny female with a pale face and dark ears.  This female is not what she looks like. Being small confuses lions who meet her. She is actually quite loud and boisterous. Lightningpelt talks very loudly. She is an attention hog. (Female)

Cindercub: Light tan lion. Cindercub is overly empathetic towards other lions it is easy for him to notice what moods they are in by behavior alone, however sometimes the emotions around him rub off on him too easily. For example, if he is in a camp where everyone is angry and stressed, he will become so as well without any real reason why. He is very curious and inquisitive, always wanting to understand everything, even the un-explainable. Although he often tries to keep an open mind, he hates it when lions insult others, especially rogues, determined that you shouldn't judge a whole by it's part. Parents are Poppystar and Hawkfur. (Male)
Brindlecub: Copper-colored male lion. Parents are Poppystar and Rainsong. (Male)

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