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Post  Waterstar on 9/12/2019, 5:16 pm

Warriors of SnowPride WMehmEe

Senior Warriors:
Cloudheart: Pale golden female with darker legs and head. I have a big ego and think I'm better than others,  but I am a very good judge of character. Parents are Snowstar and Blossomfur, Littermate to Shellwhisker, Fallowgorse, Pinecub, Specklenose, and Hollysplash. (Female)
Moonstreak: Moonstreak is an off-white colored female, with no visible markings. She is slightly smaller than the average lioness, but it certainly doesn't stunt her power. She is lean, and hold herself in a slightly military way. Moonstreak is a quiet warrior, not wasting any words on anything unnecessary. She likes to keep to herself, but that shouldn't be mistaken with no enjoying her pride mates' company. She loves her pride dearly, and would do anything for them. At first glance, she does not appear to be the most approachable, but she is actually very kind and understanding. She especially likes cubs, and enjoys playing with them. Though she wouldn't tell anyone, she hopes to someday have cubs of her own. (Female)
Hollysplash: Golden male with spots over legs. I am a bit naive,  but I have a way of being two steps ahead of most other lions. Parents and Snowstar and Blossomfur, Littermate to Shellwhisker, Fallowgorse, Pinecub, Specklenose, and Cloudheart. (Male)
Pebblebracken: Dark golden female lion. If you think that a jaw-dropping lion like Pebblebracken will have an ego-filled personality; you're wrong. She's one of the most caring lions in the whole pride; her sense of empathy is amazing and she truly has a heart of gold. She will never turn a blind eye towards injustice and will always seek the truth. Parents are Snowstar and Heronwing, Littermate to Bonecub, Freezewater, Barktooth, and Spottedpaw. (Female)
Duskstorm: Light tawny female with a white chin and red nose. Duskstorm is intelligent and humorous. She is really friendly when you get to know her, and she is a fantastic hunter. However, she is more of an impulsive lion, with the attitude "think later, act now". She can be very outspoken, but she is generally easy to get around with. When she has her mind to something, nothing can stop her. (Female)
Freezewater: Dark golden male lion. Freezewater has always been very positive and optimistic ever since he was a cub. Parents are Snowstar and Heronwing, Littermate to Bonecub, Pebblebracken, Barktooth, and Spottedleaf. (Male)
Spottedleaf: Bright golden male lion. Spottedleaf is a painfully, I cannot stress the word enough, shy lion. He can't hold a conversation with any new lion without; 1.) sticking his paw in his mouth or 2.) stuttering like an idiot. Even after she knows a lion for a long time he still won't be able to hold an intelligent conversation...unless he's mad. While it's rare for the sleek lion to get mad when he does he has no problem speaking his mind. Though immediately after that he may go stick his head in a corner. Though shy he likes the company of other lions. He wants them all to be happy and is easily taken advantage of. Parents are Snowstar and Heronwing, Littermate to Bonecub, Pebblebracken, Freezewater, and Barktooth. (Male)
Brookfall: Pale golden male lion. Brookfall is a very average lion, he is good at many things but not great at anything. He loves to swim and will always go for a dip when given the chance, but he is a pitifully slow runner and hates running anywhere. He will never lie and hates it when others lie, but he may stretch the truth if circumcisions call for it. He can't keep a secret and will be prone to tell any lion that will listen, but only lions that want to listen for he can be very shy and keep things to himself if he thinks the listeners aren't enjoying it. He would rather be with his thoughts then talking to tons of lions. Parents are Snowstar and Waterpelt, Littermate to Smokyflower, Birchpaw, Moonpaw, and Silentpaw. (Male)
Smokyflower: Bright golden male lion. Smokyflower seems tough on the outside, but is really a kind-hearted lion. He is smart, but sometimes as a difficult time paying attention.  He is brave, but sometimes will start a fight for no reason. He sometimes gets to be rather grumpy. Smokyflower can be playful, too, but it is very rare. He often pulls pranks on his pridemates, and is very hyper. Parents are Snowstar and Waterpelt, Littermate to Brookfall, Birchpaw, Moonpaw, and Silentpaw. (Male)
Soulfur: Lean female with a darker tan coat. Soulfur generally overall is a dark bloodthirsty female. She has little compassion for anything but herself. She also holds back her sympathy for she thinks it is for weaklings. She is also very headstrong and determined and does not let her mind be changed easily. Soulfur also loves being in charge and enjoys bending the wills of the weak. She also has large ambitions and they seem to grow with each passing moon. Deep down Soulfur has her old fun-loving energetic personality but it only comes out when she grows very close to a cat. She also is very flirty with males. (Female)
Blackwolf: Dark golden female lion. Patient, understanding, good listener, quick thinker. (Female)
Heatherfur: A dark female, many scars mark her face and eartips. Heatherfur is really nice to lions. Except to those who ignore her and are mean to her. She is never wanting to go to battle with other prides. But when there is a battle, she will always want to take part. She hates being helpless and always wants to protect her pride. (Female)
Sorreltail: Dark golden female lion. It is easy to befriend Sorreltail, as she is often a bit too trusting. (Female)
Birchflower: Golden male lion. Birchflower is slightly arrogant and very sarcastic. He isn't usually fond of lions younger than himself, but is rude to everyone regardless. Even if he comes off is rude, he has a soft spot for cubs. He would never admit this to anyone, as he finds it extremely embarassing. Parents are Snowstar and Waterpelt, Littermate to Brookfall, Smokyflower, Moonfoot, and Silentfoot. (Male)
Moonfoot: Golden male lion. Moonfoot has a rather kind personality, never really the one to become hostile towards strangers unless they decide to threaten him. Parents are Snowstar and Waterpelt, Littermate to Brookfall, Smokyflower, Birchflower, and Silentfoot. (Male)
Silentfoot: White female lion. Silentfoot is somewhat aloof and bad at making conversation- perhaps that is why she has close to no friends. Parents are Snowstar and Waterpelt, Littermate to Brookfall, Smokyflower, Birchflower, and Moonfoot. (Female)

Timberfur: Dark golden male lion. Timberfur is a being of kindness, which is a characteristic that bleeds out wherever he goes. He is exceedingly empathetic towards the pain of others, and can often be described as highly sentimental. (Male)
Smokefoot: Dark golden male lion. Smokefoot is a creature that knows no bounds. (Male)
Asptail: A dark female with a lighter chest and a very dark line around her jaws. Asptail is not the most pleasant lion to be around. For all her inexperience as a warrior, Asptail walks around like a senior warrior who not only has never done anything stupid in their entire life, practically owns SnowPride. Highly opiniative, she doesn't care if you like her or not - she'll butt into any private situation and add her own two cents. Most of her suggestions are half-baked ideas, or at the very least, involves some sort of force. Her idea of inter-pride relationships would always be war. (Female)

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Name: Bristlefrost

Rank: Warrior

Gender: Female

Picture: (Optional)

Appearance: A mostly gray female lion.

Personality: Entj " the commander " ; slytherin primary / gryffindor secondary ; true neutral


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