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Post  Waterstar on 9/12/2019, 5:13 pm

Elders of SnowPride WMehmEe

Shadedfur: Light tawny female with a white chin. Shadedfur is very, very impressionable. She will believe almost anything she's told and this, too, can get her into quite a bit of trouble. She isn't stupid, but she does have a difficult time focusing for long enough to think for herself, and it is so much easier to allow somebody else to think for you. (Female)
Skytail: Dark tawny female with white whiskers. Skytail bonds strongly with those who keep at her (nag her) and who help her to do the right thing when she's struggling with basic concepts, including concepts of "right" and "wrong" as they pertain to pride politics. While she doesn't always do the right thing, she does try very hard to make everybody happy, all the time, and can be easily hurt if she feels as though she's being scolded or corrected. (Female)
Ebonyeye: A fairly pale tawny female with white tipped ears. Ebonyeye is a silent lion, speaking very little. She prefers to express herself through facial expressions or actions. She harbors little curiosity or ambivalence. She is more suited to be a loner, but the thought of living without her pride is deeply disturbing to her. (Female)
Vulturefeather:  Dark grey female with amber eyes. Vulturefeather is an old female with alot of life left in her old bones. She's seen it all in her many years. She still hunts with the pride, but sometimes she stays at camp to watch over the cubs and apperentices. (Female)
Duskflower: Large tawny female, blind in one eye. Duskflower has what you might call a little sister complex. She's annoying as heck and has an almost inexhaustible reserve of energy and she knows it. She enjoys pestering just about anyone she comes in contact with and especially her more stoic pridemates. She fights in pretty much the same way, teasing her opponent, getting them angry and reckless. (Female)
Burningtail: A dark spotted female with dark amber eyes. She is haughty and smart. She is a good fighter but a better strategist. She is loyal and suspicious. She is very calm in the face of any danger, she never gets stressed. (Female)
Leafpelt A light female lion, spots trace along her legs and under her belly. Leafpelt is the upstart everyone knows, the politician who, opinions aside, is just like the rest but somehow seems different. Charming but comfortably impersonal, maybe wonky but then again maybe just smart, and hey, she's still charming. The one you can't trust but prefer to, the one who stays just outrageous enough because she's addicted to the attention high. (Female)
Airfire: Thick-boned, light spotted tawny female. Airfire is a complete sweetheart. She wishes the best for everyone, always wants to help out, and will do anything for anyone. (Female)
Crystalpelt: Dark tawny shaded mountain lion with dark points on her ears and a bright red nose. She is sassy, and very dramatic. She dosn't like to be treated like a cub. She will gladly live up to a fight. (Female)
Mouseberry: Dark golden lion with many spots up and down her pelt. She is a brave and fearless lion, but she opens her mouth when she shouldn't sometimes. She also says whats on her mind though. Parents are Snowstar and Soulfur, Littermate to Briarstar and Blossompelt. (Female)
Barktooth: Golden female lion with dark spots on face. Barktooth tries her best to blend in with the crowd, though not out of a sense of need.  She does so to make herself less suspicious. Parents are Snowstar and Heronwing, Littermate to Bonecub, Pebblebracken, Freezewater, and Spottedleaf. (Female)

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