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Apprentices of FogClan

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Apprentices of FogClan Empty Apprentices of FogClan

Post  Sootstar on 9/8/2019, 11:49 am

Apprentices of FogClan VSStGhy

Falconpaw: White she-cat with brown patches. Fiery and spunky, Falconpaw is known for opening her mouth, and sticking her foot in it. She often speaks before thinking of the consequences, and this frequently lands her in trouble. She acts in the same manner, leaping into things without a whole lot of forethought. Therein lies her greatest fault. She has a somewhat short fuse, meaning she can get angry at the drop of a hat. And then, you'd better watch out, because this fiery she-cat will lay into you, quick as a whip. On the plus side, she's immeasurably loyal and often fierce in the protection of the ones she cares about. Parents are Nightfur and Cherrystem, Littermate to Fallenhare, Morningsong, and Gingerwhistle. Mentor is Hawkflight. (She-Cat)

StarClan: Sunkit
FogClan: Sootstar
Apprentices of FogClan QVqPtwL

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