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Elders of FogClan

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Elders of FogClan Empty Elders of FogClan

Post  Sootstar on 9/8/2019, 11:46 am

Elders of FogClan VSStGhy

Goldtail: Big dark brown tabby tom. Kind and gentle, but has a temper. Does not get angry very often but is very scary when it happens. Absolutely loves kits. Gets along with everyone in his clan. (Tom)
Daisypelt: Thick-pelted gray and white tom. He has the loving and tender care for a queen, compassion for a mother, and the free will of a warrior. Adventurous like an apprentice and bubbly like a kit! Daisypelt is your average tom, he isn't one to stick out and loves to just be apart of his clan in any way possible!  He has always been able to make friends with his non-judgmental side and compassion/understanding for others. (Tom)
Scorcheye: Pale gray she-cat. She is very prideful.  Scorcheye has a positive upbeat attitude about most things. She is rarely in a bad mood. (She-Cat)
Stonetail: Tortoiseshell she-cat. She loves to hunt. She thinks of others and loves eating sparrows. She is wise and knows alot about prey. (She-Cat)
Moontail: Gray tabby tom. Moontail is a very gentle cat. He is light on his paws and usually follows his heart before his mind. (Tom)
Fawnstorm: Ginger tabby tom. Fawnstorm has a very gentle personality. He does not like battling his fellow cats and wishes for nothing more but total peace. He often chooses to do patrol and care for the elderly rather than risk getting into a fight. Mate to Fallingfur. (Tom)

StarClan: Sunkit
FogClan: Sootstar
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