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Former IceClan Cats

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Former IceClan Cats Empty Former IceClan Cats

Post  Bumblekit on 2/7/2011, 4:24 pm

Former IceClan Cats WQJOidT

Lightningfoot: Gray she-cat. Lightningfoot is manipulative, and very crafty. She is most definitely the description of a psychopath. She knows the emotions of those she is talking to. And her actions are influenced carefully by a final goal that few know of. (She-Cat)
Duneclaw: Mottled dark brown tom. Duneclaw is a modest, friendly cat. He's strongly loyal to his clan and very trustworthy of other clans. Duneclaw grew up desperate to prove himself, and it sticks, because he always tries to make himself known to others. (Tom)
Icestar: Black and white tom with a long tail. As always, one who is beautiful is very shy. Icestar is so shy, he hardly bothers to say hello whenever he is called upon to speak. He looks at you when you speak to him in a confused manner. Were you speaking to me? As he speaks, he talks as if he is a thesaurus, always changing his words in some form. Happy becomes pleased, overjoyed, jubilant. Though he is shy, he can hold her own. He is a fierce feline in a fight, and if you were caught in one with him, he will greatly defeat you. So many she-cats pad after him - this holds no meaning to him. Quite a bit he is blissfully unaware, but when he is, he is saddened that they only 'love' him for his beauty. Mate to Lightningflower. Deputy: Larkfoot (Larkstar) (Tom)
Graykit: Long-haired gray tom. Parents are Icestar and Lightningflower, Littermate to Cinderkit, Dustkit, Thornkit, and Ashkit. (Tom)
Larkstar: Black tom with a twisted paw. Larkstar is a gentle cat with a kind mind. He doesn't get angry very much, but he angers others with his sheer calmness. He can keep calm no matter the situation, because he is very optimistic. He always recognizes the lighter of things in the deepest dark. Mate to Brackenheart. Deputy: Silentfur (Silentstar) (Tom)
Silentstar: Gray and white tom. Silentstar can sometimes be quiet and always keep to himself, but he is caring and always plays with kits when he has the chance or energy. Mate to Icepelt. Deputy: Shadedstep (Shadedstar) (Tom)
Harrierkit: Chocolate brown she-cat. Harrierkit is the funniest cat one would ever lay eyes on. Even as a young kitten she was very funny. Of course, that's when she knew everything in her life was going to go perfect. Parents are Frostsong and Longheart, Littermate to Flaxkit. (She-Cat)
Shadedstar: Dark brown tabby tom. Shadedstar is a kind cat that treats most cats with earned respect. Those who haven't earned his respect, however, get to feel his sharp tongue. Feeling that cats should always be respectful of everyone in higher ranks, he can sometimes be harsh. Shadedstar is usually kind to those in lower ranks. Mate to Firedawn. Deputy: Onetail. (Onestar) (Tom)
Firedawn: Sleek-furred pale cream, almost white, she-cat with brown points and large dark blue eyes. She's the dark side of the moon crazy, as well as having the worst luck possible. She's a very vague cat and she loves to play mind games. She's also scared of her own shadow and fears losing her tail. She often will spend time talking to herself, and going on random rants about anything that will entertain her. It comes from many moons alone by herself with no one else to talk to. She can't resist helping others, but she hates to take orders. She does things as she chooses, or that she tells herself to do. She is much of a philosopher in many ways, she makes others stop and think about everything. Often leaving them more enlightened, she's a bit of a puzzle. Mate to Shadedstar. (She-Cat)
Frostsong: A pure, snow-white tom with bi-colored eyes; his pelt is short but thick. He has tufts of fur at the tips of his ears, much like a Lynx. Frostsong lives up to his name with a frigid personality. He carries himself with a sort of dignity in his step, always making sure his looks are satisfactory to his standards, and seems to snub other cats that he doesn't find worth his attention. He prefers to work alone, but will partner up when necessary. He tends to use body language opposed to words, but when he does speak the sound doesn't seem to fit him, being a soft, chiming sort of meow. Mate to Longheart. (Tom)
Onestar: Silver-gray tom. Onestar has one of the most difficult personalities to describe. You can't just say he's happy and carefree. You can't just say he's miserable or insane or calm. He's everything rolled into one and more. Mate to Whiteleap. Lives Deputy: Dustwhisker (Duststar) (Tom)
Icepelt: Icepelt has short golden fur covered in dark brown spots. Her body is long, lean, and somewhat muscular. She likes to fight, simply to be difficult. If you want her loyalty, it must be bought. Mercy? The word is foreign to her. Justice? Another foreign term. Mate to Silentstar. (She-Cat)
Deersnow: Golden tabby tom. Deersnow is very caring and happy-go-lucky if you spend the time to get to know him, but his shyness prevents him from getting too close to others. The tom can be optimistic and care-free, but he can easily change and turn into a mean-spirited cat that isn't afraid to protect his family or opinions.  Parents are Silentstar and Icepelt, Littermate to Nutfur, Mooseface, Deathtail, Stealthpaw, and Koisky. Mate to Cinderfall. (Tom)
Mooseface: Gray and white tom. Mooseface has an outgoing power-hungry personality who will do anything to get what he wants. He is known for a kind act toward his friends and kin but is very hostile to outsiders and traitors. Mooseface is determined and hardworking and tries to make his clan strive and be the best it can be. Parents are Silentstar and Icepelt, Littermate to Deersnow, Nutfur, Deathtail, Stealthflower, and Koisky. Mate to Lightningflower. (Tom)
Bubblecloud: Dark gray she-cat. Bubblecloud is kind to cats who give her no reason not to be. But if they purposely annoy her, she won't hesitate to snap. She enjoys battles perhaps a bit too much. She hates getting ill or scarred, as she loathes being cooped in the medicine cats den. She can be quick to decide who she likes and dislikes, but her opinion can change. She isn't immediately against cats of other clans and she enjoys patrolling the borders or going on expeditions. Parents are Sleekstar and Stormfang, Littermate to Sweetwillow, Rockclaw, Crystalfur, Aspentail, and Smokespider. Mate to Grayfur. (She-Cat)
Frostkit: White tom. Frostkit is built for speed and strength and does well in both areas. He is a good swimmer and can land high jumps with ease. He can be very persuasive and is a natural leader. Parents are Onestar and Whiteleap, Littermate to Applekit and Lightkit. (Tom)
Deathtail: Blue-silver tabby tom. Deathtail is mostly friendly and greets every cat with a mew of greeting. Although, Deathtail can be very ill-tempered at times when he is bothered or annoyed, those are the times when he likes to be alone. He hates mean cats but is loyal to the warrior code. Deathtail would never break the warrior code unless absolutely necessary. Deathtail doesn't like to be pestered or annoyed, so if you do that he will give you a hard and cold stare which is probably your cue to stop pestering him. Deathtail adores his clan and life that is in it. He can be a true friend once you know him and his personality. Parents are Silentstar and Icepelt, Littermate to Deersnow, Nutfur, Mooseface, Stealthflower, and Koisky. Mate to Ashfrost. (Tom)
Duststar: Dark brown tabby tom. Duststar is reserved, though he can be aggressive when it comes to she-cats. He always fights for what he wants, but does so in a civilized manner. Because he is a "high society" cat, as he calls himself, he refrains from physical aggression, but will attack if provoked. Duststar is suave, and rather full of himself, though he tries to remain down-to-earth, and kind. Parents are Icestar and Lightingflower, Littermate to Graykit, Cinderfall, Thorndaisy, and Ashfrost. Mate to Adderclaw. Deputy: Opalfragment (Opalstar) (Tom)
Moleleg: Cream and brown she-cat. Moleleg is the most loyal cat you will meet. She is kind and caring to any kit, even if they're evil. She is energetic and will fight any fight, she won't start a fight though. She is not shy and will always speak her mind. She is a glass half full cat. She is very happy all the time.  Parents are Larkstar and Brackenheart, Littermate to Leopardpeak and Scartail. (She-Cat)
Cinderfall: Dark gray she-cat. She is rather quiet unless she has any questions. She likes being told what to do, and loves ripping her claws through cats skin. Although quiet, she has a dark mind. The only cats she could be nice to are her family and any other other cats who are lucky enough to get close. Parents are Icestar and Lightningflower, Littermate to Graykit, Duststar, Thorndaisy, and Ashfrost. Mate to Deersnow. (She-Cat)
Thornwhisker: Brown tabby tom. Thornwhisker is quick on his feet, with smart remarks. He tends to pull away from others but is not closed to making friends. He has a foul mouth, but is a good listener. He takes things VERY seriously and hates to be proven wrong. He is also very good at hiding his emotions and gets offended easily. (Tom)

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