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Post  Blackstar on 5/18/2019, 10:25 pm

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Embertail: Sleek light female with spots that will always trace her legs. Embertail is a bit shy, and due to this has trouble making friends. Embertail tends to do whatever it will take for her to be well liked. For example, if some of her friends decide to run away. She would go with them, just to be liked by those lions. (Female)
Snowtail: A very lean tawny female with lighter legs than the rest of her body. Snowtail is a very independent lion. She is very self reliable. Can be a bit of a grump to lions who think bad of her. She doesn't like being alone even though she thinks she is the only one who can get stuff done. (Female)
Fishtail: Light-shaded tawny female, long bottom fangs in her mouth. Fishtail is calm and shy. She usually doesn't play with the others, and likes to instead watch Onyxpelt at work in the medicine den. She has taken quite an interest in medicine and herbs and wants badly to help out. Fishtail was abandoned as soon as she no longer need milk and she feels lonely and unwanted. Watching Onyxpelt seems to cheer her up. (Female)
Mosslight: Mosslight is certainly an eyecatching lioness. Her fur is a pure white, as clean as fresh snow, with soft, subtle cream spots atop her skull. Her icey-blue gaze is intense and chilling by nature a hiding within her large paws are sharp, white claws ready to strike. Mosslight is a thoughtful lion. The look on her face always seems distant, like she is somewhere else, clearly lost in thought. She is run by emotion and instinct, so it wouldn't be a good idea to threaten her. If threatened, she usually will either go into an instant fight or flight mode. She is good-natured, not unusually cruel or stiff, and if you get to know her, you will find her to be an easy-going and thoughtfully quiet lion that is a joy to be around... for most of the time anyways. Thoughtful, but she isn't afraid of danger, or getting herself into danger. Littermate to Clovestripe. (Female)
Onyxpelt: A dark shaded mountain lion, eyes so dark they appear black in the dark light. Onyxpelt is loyal and protective to a fault. She will stand up for anything, but refuses to recognize a lost cause. This, combined with her relative lack of strength, makes her a perfect candidate for injury, which she takes more than her share of. She is incredibly persistent. (Female)
Reedfur: An almost half dark, half light golden female. Reedfur is not a very social lion. She likes to be by herself most of the time. She loves to climb trees and hunt. She is a hardworking lion. (Female)
Eveningtail: A lean and sleek female with patches of fur that almost seem to glow red in the sun. Eveningtail is bloodthirsty and manipulative. She loves to play with others emotions and when they get hurt she laughs. (Female)
Owlfall: Golden female with flecked spots through her pelt. Owlfall is a tomboy, if you wish to put it that way. She wants to do everything herself, and little is an exception to this rule. Owlfall is caring enough, but if you betray her, she'd never forget it. So if she trusts you, a good principle is to not take that trust lightly. Parents are Flamestar and Nightflower, Littermate to Jaystar and Breezestripe. (Female)
Bumblefall: Lighter shaded than his sister, sleeker coat. I am a bit naive,  but I love family and care very much for young cubs. Parents are Flamestar and Sealcloud, Littermate to Hazelfur. (Male)

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