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Warriors of RainClan

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Warriors of RainClan Empty Warriors of RainClan

Post  Thrushstar on 5/14/2019, 5:52 pm

Warriors of RainClan Zp0vTMT

Senior Warriors:
Daypelt: Sandy-gray tom. Despite being almost silent when he's around strange cats, he's talkative when he's around good friends. He tends to stick close to those friends, trusting in them -- just a little too much -- to protect him and introduce him to others. He's very shy, as well as very sensitive. Mate to Fernflower. (Tom)
Windfang: Gray tabby tom. Windfang is a cat with still most of his apprentice personality. In battle, he's constantly yelling out taunts to his attacker, but for a reason. So, he's brawn, but not much brains, though he has enough to get around. He doesn't really like being RainClan, but he was there by birth, so, to him, he has no choice. Mate to Swiftlily. (Tom)
Lastclaw: Pale silver tom. He is hyper and always friendly. He looks up to Rainstar like he is an almighty god. Lastclaw is easily pleased and entertained. Mate to Oysterclaw. (Tom)
Jaggedstem: Golden tabby tom. Jaggedstem is gentle and sweet. Can put up a mean argument if he wants to. He can talk forever and forever and forever........ He has a short attention span when another cat talks about something boring. He is very kind-hearted. Jaggedstem will help any cat in trouble. Jaggedstem will follow the warrior code but more often follows his heart. Parents are Rainstar and Tigerfur, Littermate to Blackpaw, Rowansong, and Gorsewillow. Mate to Squirrelnose. (Tom)
Gorsewillow: Golden tabby tom. Gorsewillow is very loyal to his clan. He would do anything for his clan if it means his life. Parents are Rainstar and Tigerfur, Littermate to Blackpaw, Jaggedstem, and Rowansong. Mate to Rowandaisy. (Tom)
Specklesun: Dark cream she-cat. Specklesun is a rather dainty personality to match her figure. She is a bit of a neat freak and very regularly cleans herself. She is very soft-spoken though that doesn't mean she has no voice. She tries to voise her opinion in a very delicate or refined way, not wanting to be aggressive. She is a failry submissive she-cat and doesn't understand how some can get away with such fiery tempers. (She-Cat)
Leopardstripe: Golden spotted tom. A very determined cat, that doesn't give up without a fight. He can be quite stubborn and have hard to admit when he is wrong. But he's generally nice and his loyalty to his Clan have never been doubted. Leopardstripe doesn't want to seem weak or helpless in front of other cats, so therefor he seems to be harsh and in a bad mood all the time. But he has a very soft side, it's just that no one has ever experienced it yet. Parents are Rainstar and Forestface,  Littermate to Brackenheart, Thornfoot, and Mudowl. Mate to Speckleshrew. (Tom)
Whiskercloud: Whiskercloud is a mostly white cat with medium length fur on his body, longer fur on his tail. He has deep chestnut-colored eyes and red markings on his head. His tail is a striped red as well. Whiskercloud tends to be a rather amusing cat, and he likes to crack jokes for those he cares about. Of course, they are expected to laugh, because if they don't he may become either (temporarily) depressed or angry, neither of which are a good situation for the cats around him. Mate to Leaftail. (Tom)
Hailface: Thick-pelted gray tom. Hailface isn't exactly the best cat for a conversation. He'd rather keep to himself then socialize, but that's just normal for somebody of his personality. He is stubborn and sometimes very irritable, but around familars, Hailface is very open about his thoughts. He's not afraid to speak against his leader, making him one of the least-favored cats of his Clan. Despite how he provokes his leader, Hailface is an obedient cat and follows the warrior code. Hailface envies other toms with their mates, for he longs for his own love. Parents are Blazestar and Specklesun, Littermate to Thrushstar, Whiteleap, Bluepaw, Archcloud, and Heatherwillow. Mate to Sweetwillow. (Tom)
Crystalfur: Soft brown tom. Crystalfur is a rather odd tom cat. When he is spoken to, if there are any words in his sentence that have opposites, he replaces them with, well, their opposites. For example, if a cat were to ask him how he felt, he would tell them terrible if he was really doing excellent. Crystalfur has never expressed his reasons for doing this. It is by far his most prominant trait. Parents are Sleekstar and Stormfang, Littermate to Sweetwillow, Rockclaw, Bubblecloud, Aspentail, and Smokespider. (Tom)
Gopherfur: Brown tom. Gopherfur is a troubled cat. He often has mood swings, but tries to be nice to everyone. Some days, he is a world of contradictions as he can swing from bitterly angry to almost overly sweet. He almost always seems scared. Gopherfur is a relatively nonviolent cat. When he is angry, he becomes cut off and icy. Parents are Rowanstar and Forestface, Littermate to Dillcloud and Pumaclaw. Mate to Rockclaw. (Tom)
Dillcloud: Golden tom. Dillcloud could easily be considered mute, for he barely ever speaks. The only time he does if someone needs help or if there is an emergency. He is very self-conscious of himself, but doesn't care what most cats think of him. He is confident when it comes to arguments, even when facing a meaner, older cat. Parents are Rowanstar and Forestface, Littermate to Gopherfur and Pumaclaw. Mate to Squirrelear. (Tom)
Honeywing: Small brown she-cat. She is nice, patient, and she can be really fierce. She is neat and she doesn't approve of rudeness, unless she is battling. She is adventurous, stubborn, and sometimes she can be really clumsy. She is smart and quick, she's also a really good fighter. She always does her best to make sure she isn't breaking any rules. Mate to Rainstar. (She-Cat)
Rainfall: Dark gray tom. Rainfall is the kind of cat that you don't simply take for granted. His allegiance is truly primarily to himself, though he's willing to get involved with anything that seems like it might be fun. He has a definite blood lust. Parents are Daypelt and Fernflower, Littermate to Firefang, Sandwhisker, Squirrelnose, and Rowandaisy. (Tom)
Oysterclaw: Pale gray she-cat. Oysterclaw is actually quite a depressing she-cat. Usually, she would be outside, moping around. She isn't actually really sad about something. That's just the way she is. She is also anti-social. If anyone tries to come and talk to her, she will just either A) Make up a lame excuse, which this is the one she rarely uses. Or, the easiest, and the most used, B) Run away from them. Mate to Lastclaw. (She-Cat)
Starwhisker: Black tom. Starwhisker is a very playful cat and loves to joke around and will join in any game, take any challenge and participate in any contest. In battle, he focuses on speed more than strength, attacking only when he is sure he can get away with minimum harm to himself and maximum harm to his opponent. Parents are Windfang and Swiftlily. (Tom)
Tigerfur: White she-cat. Tigerfur makes her own path. She is very connected to her family, and will do anything to protect her Clanmates too. She has a pure heart, and always seems to make the right decisions. Mate to Thornfoot. (She-Cat)
Fernfur: Fernfur is easily recognizable by his distinctive coloring and almond shape brilliant blue eyes. He is a very sleek cat with colored points on his ears, face, tail and feet. He is a small to medium sized slender and elegant cat with a long body, neck and tail with a long wedge-shaped head. He believes in good posture. So, whenever he sits, his head is always held slightly high. His back is as straight as it can get. His paws are neatly straight in front of him, and his tail is curled perfectly around his whole body. Same with him standing. High head, good posture. Mate to Peachflight. (Tom)
Stormfang: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Very quiet and shy. She doesn't like to fight and will try diplomatic ways out of everything. When the clan goes into a fight, she will try to hide in whatever she can find. She is very loyal as well. (She-Cat)
Bramblestripe: Dark brown tabby tom. Ambitious, crude, and over all rude. He's defensive of family and loyal to what friends he has. Parents are Rainstar and Honeywing, Littermate to Spiderflower, Oatpelt, and Mothfoot. (Tom)
Spiderflower: Long-limbed black she-cat with brown underbelly. Spiderpaw can come across as cocky, though she doesn't see herself that way. She loves to flirt with toms and likes the idea of mating. She loves ticking cats off (mostly toms) and making them jealous. Spiderflower thrives to be the center of attention at all times, wanting to catch the eye of every tom she meets. If you were her friend, she tends to take advantage of you and acts like she is superior to you. Rarely, though, she finds someone that she really does enjoy having around. For these cats, she treats them with (some) respect and can actually act like a nice cat. Parents are Rainstar and Honeywing, Littermate to Bramblestripe, Oatpelt, and Mothfoot. (She-Cat)
Mothfoot: Dappled golden she-cat.  Is sweet and gentle. She can be very strict and can bring almost any cat to order. She  is desperately searching for a mate, for wanting kits. She has a warm nature, and could charm any tom. Parents are Rainstar and Honeywing, Littermate to Bramblestripe, Spiderflower, and Oatpelt. (She-Cat)
Martenclaw: Light cream tom. Martenclaw is very kind, and caring, so he can't really be easily annoyed. He'll just ask you in a kind tone to please stop. (Tom)
Pricklesoot: Pale gray she-cat. She is a shy she-cat, doesn’t have many friends in the clan. She will die for her clan though. She can be quite rude if she is in one of her bad moods. If she is in one of her bad moods you should try to stay away from her. She loves running for a short time as it calms her. She hates the hot weather in green-leaf. She enjoys the weather more in new-leaf. She is an okay hunter not good or great but just okay. Parents are Lastclaw and Oysterclaw, Littermate to Grassfur and Chirppaw. (She-Cat)
Leaftail: Light brown tabby she-cat. Leaftail seems like a very kind cat. She is devoted to the warrior code, and always follows it - or that's what her clan thinks. Leaftail however, has a bit of evil to her. Parents are Rainstar and Honeywing, Littermate to Rushear, Mothshade, and Swallowcloud. Mate to Whiskercloud. (She-Cat)
Rushear: Light brown she-cat. Rushear can be mean quite often. She can also be nice. She is mostly mean. Rushear hates fish. She is very curious about the thunderpath. She has always wanted to cross it. Parents are Rainstar and Honeywing, Littermate to Leaftail, Mothshade, and Swallowcloud. Mate to Thrushstar. (She-Cat)
Morningstream: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Morningstream is not afraid to fight. She has a very sharp tongue. Morningstream will not hesitate to attack, and this sometimes causes trouble. Even with her cold personality, Morningstream has a soft spot for tiny kits. Parents are Icestar and Lightningflower, Littermate to Dapplepelt. Mate to Archcloud. (She-Cat)
Grassfur: Pale silver tom. Grassfur is a kind caring tom who cares about everything from the smallest leaf to the most horrible cat. But sometimes he is reckless and blackhearted, and will stop at nothing at what he is trying to accomplish. (He never gives up.) Grassfur hates disrespectful cats, such as the sneering ones, and will love to fight. (He can't miss one, for he is always part of it, physically, or mentally.) Parents are Lastclaw and Oysterclaw, Littermate to Pricklesoot and Chirppaw. (Tom)

Sweetwillow: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Sweetwillow is… how can I say it? Possibly the most tomboyish cat any creature could ever meet. She loves playing rough with others and other cats have even mistaken her for a tom in the past! Parents are Sleekstar and Stormfang, Littermate to Rockclaw, Crystalpaw, Bubblepaw, Aspenpaw, and Smokespider. Mate to Hailface. (She-Cat)
Rockclaw: Large dark brown tabby she-cat. A kind gesture.  Loves kits, wishes to have a few of her own someday.  Sweet and friendly, loyal to the clan.  She enjoys watching sunsets and sunrises.  She is slightly misunderstood though. Parents are Sleekstar and Stormfang, Littermate to Sweetwillow, Crystalfur, Bubblepaw, Aspenpaw, and Smokespider. Mate to Gopherfur. (She-Cat)
Chirpmuzzle: Pale gray tabby tom. Chirpmuzzle is a sweet, gentle tom. He's really kind to all cats, especially apprentices. Parents are Lastclaw and Oysterclaw, Littermate to Pricklesoot and Grassfur. (Tom)
Robinleaf: Brown and white tom. Robinleaf is a very mysterious young tom, he can be quiet and sneaky. He comes off as cold, although that is not the story. He is very kind and warm, especially to young kits. Parents are Thornfoot and Tigerfur, Littermate to Tanglefreckle, Purplesnow, Dangerkit, and Poisonkit. (Tom)
Squirrelear: White fluffy she-cat with amber eyes and brown patches from her head to her tail. Squirrelear is a very original cat. She always is fast thinking in situations and has a surprisingly smart mind. She has an amazing imagination and can dream up anything possible in the world. She enjoys action, and fighting, and wants the whole forest to know that the mighty Squirrelear is there to save the day. Sometimes she gets caught up in herself, and tends to get cocky and selfish. Mate to Dillcloud. (She-Cat)
Tanglefreckle: Thick-pelted brown tabby she-cat. The first thing you need to know about Tanglefreckle is her extremely reserved nature. Relating to other cats of similar age does not come easily for her and so she has developed reclusive tendencies, although she still enjoys company, in the form of challenges or possibly hunting partners, yet it’s hard to determine exactly when she appreciates the company. Tanglefreckle’s true feelings are never going to be easily understood. Though at times her family seem to understand her reasoning behind certain actions. Parents are Thornfoot and Tigerfur, Littermate to Robinleaf, Purplesnow, Dangerkit, and Poisonkit. (She-Cat)
Purplesnow: Black tom. Forming a relationship with Purplesnow may prove to be a difficult task for any who try. He rarely expresses his true feelings, nor does he allow himself to be controlled by conflicting emotions. He is attracted to authority, self-discipline, and unique or impressive skills. Parents are Thornfoot and Tigerfur, Littermate to Robinleaf, Tanglefreckle, Dangerkit, and Poisonkit. (Tom)
Dappledfur: Brown tabby tom. Most think that Dappledfur would be rough and tough, able to clobber others with his paws, but this is simply not the case. He is a shy, polite, and positive young cat most of the time. However, his shyness can get the better of him, as well as his clumsiness, and he lets other's taunts get to his head. He sometimes hates his life, but can always get over it with the help of a good friend. Since he is rather shy, he likes peace and quiet, and all this makes him a surprisingly good hunter. Parents are Sleekstar and Stormfang, Littermate to Stagsnook, Aloefreckle, Bitterstep, and Dayflight. (Tom)
Stagsnook: Chocolate brown tom. Stagsnook is a bit of a hot tempered tom, with a taste for danger. He loves the wild, and takes every risk he can. He is very fiesty, sassy, and impatient. Yet he has one of the kindest hearts in the Clan, even though it's hidden. Around kits, he is gentle, and very loving. Same to the wounded, elderly, and those who he cares about, though there are very few that she lets in. Stagsnook is creative, and an excellent strategist. Parents are Sleekstar and Stormfang, Littermate to Dappledfur, Aloefreckle, Bitterstep, and Dayflight. (Tom)
Aloefreckle: Tortoiseshell she-cat. She is nice, kind, smart, a little bit shy, swift, and she never gives up/in. She likes to chat only if you are a friend, and doesn't like to discuss her feelings, and she is sweet. She is also aggressive, protective, and can be easily angered. She dislikes a lot of prey, but she will eat some of it if she has too. She likes to sleep, and sleep a lot she will do, and she doesn't like when things wake her up, because Aloefreckle needs her sleep, because she will get easily tired. She is smart when it comes to hunting and fighting, and she is especially good with ambush, and sneak attacks. Parents are Sleekstar and Stormfang, Littermate to Dappledfur, Stagsnook, Bitterstep, and Dayflight. (She-Cat)
Bitterstep: Torbie she-cat. A number of words could be used to describe Bitterstep; moody, ambitious, headstrong, dedicated, observant, unreflective, purpose-driven, arrogant, and respectful would be among them. She has a high respect for authority, so high, in fact, that she wishes to become authority, the better to be respected. She's not given to deep thought and meditative reflection, but that's not to say that she doesn't think at all. On the contrary, her thoughts operate on a very pragmatic level, and are closely keyed to her observation and reflexes, which are keen and quick. Sometimes, she gets annoyed by those that take life less seriously. Sometimes, she's able to step back and laugh with them. But her naturally serious mind and often sharp tongue has earned her more than her share of discipline. Of course, she's never tongue-lashed anyone in authority over her; she reserves it for her most annoying peers. Parents are Sleekstar and Stormfang, Littermate to Dappledfur, Stagsnook, Aloefreckle, and Dayflight. (She-Cat)
Dayflight: Tortoiseshell she-cat.  The general impression that one gets of Dayflight, however, is not that of a moody workaholic who belittles underlings. She's friendly enough, outgoing enough... but still reserved on a basic level. She's eager to please authority. She's enthusiastic about what she does. She just has a tipping point, as we all do. A darker side. Parents are Sleekstar and Stormfang, Littermate to Dappledfur, Stagsnook, Aloefreckle, and Bitterstep. (She-Cat)
Windfern: Wiry brown tom. Windfern isn't easily annoyed, angered or upset. Parents are Whiskercloud and Leaftail, Littermate to Hawkegg and Raggednutmeg. (Tom)
Hawkegg: Thick-pelted white tom. Hawkegg is inexperienced at just about everything but that doesn't mean he isn't enthusiastic about, well, everything! He's very positive, friendly and outgoing. He's rarely in a bad mood and loves to make new friends. When he is a bit grumpy he tends to lash out at those close to him during his foul mood, but those are few and far in between. He's loyal to his friends, though not so much to his clan as a whole, though he keeps this a secret. He always follows his heart and his instinct, which can lead to trouble in the future, but he doesn't worry about the future, he simply enjoys the present. Parents are Whiskercloud and Leaftail, Littermate to Windfern and Raggednutmeg. (Tom)
Raggednutmeg: Large dark brown tabby she-cat. Raggednutmeg is snobby like a rich cat. Parents are Whiskercloud and Leaftail, Littermate to Windfern and Hawkegg. (She-Cat)
Azaleawhisker: Chocolate tabby she-cat. Azaleawhisker is wary of strangers, and does not play well with others. She prefers to be alone. She is really bold, and if you challenge her, she will accept that challenge. Don't take Azaleawhisker lightly. She does not fool around, and she is quite serious. Parents are Thrushstar and Rushear, Littermate to Tortoisetangle. (She-Cat)
Tortoisetangle: Silver tabby she-cat. Tortoisetangle is a kind soul, she is caring and longs to help others. Parents are Thrushstar and Rushear, Littermate to Azaelawhisker. (She-Cat)
Stonenutmeg: Gray she-cat. Stonenutmeg has a common personality, containing her natural calmness and kindness. She handles tough situations with knowledge, not instinct. Instead of relying on her ancestors or other family she prefers to be independent with herself and to work it out. The she-cat can be very friendly, mainly with people that share the same intelligence she does. If they do not, and are more of a type without information and more curiosity, then she can also bond with them, sharing her facts and info. If she has a tough situation she will try her best and not instantly give up, being determined and sometimes obsessive.  Parents are Archcloud and Morningstream, Littermate to Spiritkit, Ravenwhisker, Silentsnow, Saplingleaf, and Nightfire. (She-Cat)
Ravenwhisker: Gray tabby tom. One of Ravenwhisker's biggest traits is his ambition and greed. He yearns for more power, and will do almost anything to get what he wants. However, at the same time he knows when something isn't worth it at the time, but will continue in other possible ways. Using his deceptive tongue and playing innocent acts are prime techniques used. And best of all? They work. Ravenwhisker can easily use flattery, vanity, deceit, lies, and dancing around the real truth to work his way up the ladder. Parents are Archcloud and Morningstream, Littermate to Stonenutmeg, Spiritkit, Silentsnow, Saplingleaf, and Nightfire. (Tom)
Silentsnow: Silver torbie she-cat. Despising those who look down on her, the usually patient Silentsnow will lash out with both her tongue and claws if someone hurts her pride or shames her in any way. Parents are Archcloud and Morningstream, Littermate to Stonenutmeg, Spiritkit, Ravenwhisker, Saplingleaf, and Nightfire. (She-Cat)
Saplingleaf: Gray tabby tom. To sum up all of his personality, Saplingleaf is extremely deceptive and cruel, laughing in the face of danger, but still fleeing at the last possible moment like a coward. Unforgiving and manipulative, Saplingleaf will do anything in his power to get what he wants, and skip around anything that falls in his path. Parents are Archcloud and Morningstream, Littermate to Stonenutmeg, Spiritkit, Ravenwhisker, Silentsnow, and Nightfire. (Tom)
Nightfire: Gray tabby tom. Nightfire is a skilled torturer. The enjoyment of inflicting pain and agony on others is a favorite of his, and he does rather well at it. Parents are Archcloud and Morningstream, Littermate to Stonenutmeg, Spiritkit, Ravenwhisker, Silentsnow, and Saplingleaf. (Tom)
Swiftlily: Black and white she-cat. Swiftlily is a  outgoing joyful she-cat. She is very caring and sweet towards other cats. But she has a temper when angered and when she is fighting for her clan. She doesn't really care about rogues, loners, or kittypets. She dosn't like to fight unless she has to fight. She's really calm even in bad situations. She is often away from camp and doesn't like to be around to many cats at one time and likes peace and quiet sometimes. Parents are Icestar and Lightningfoot, Littermate to Patchflower, Tallfang, and Mistynose. Mate to Windfang. (She-Cat)
Firefang: Ginger she-cat. Firefang is a calm and assertive cat, always being calm in the most stressful of situations. She is also intelligent, but there are some things that still slip between her paws, and she is a decent fighter. But she is also devious, sly, and manipulative, but that hides under her calm exterior. Parents are Daypelt and Fernflower, Littermate to Sandwhisker, Rainfall, Squirrelnose, and Rowandaisy. Mate to Mudstar. (She-Cat)
Sandwhisker: Pale ginger she-cat. Sandwhisker is a compassionate she-cat. She's loyal, never straying from the warrior code. Her faith in StarClan is unbreakable. Sandpaw's problem is her bipolarism. Normally, she's friendly and kind, but she can snap to mean and agitated quickly. Parents are Daypelt and Fernflower, Littermate to Firefang, Rainfall, Squirrelnose, and Rowandaisy. Mate to Rowansong. (She-Cat)
Halftail: Big dark brown tabby she-cat. She is a charming cat. Parents are Hailface and Sweetwillow, Littermate to Patchtalon and Brownfrost. (She-Cat)
Patchtalon: Small black and white tom. Patchtalon is fond of climbing and fishing. He absolutely adores fish. He likes quality time with his friends and flirting. Parents are Hailface and Sweetwillow, Littermate to Halftail and Brownfrost. (Tom)
Brownfrost: Thick-pelted gray tom. He cant stand the smell of mouse bile. He will not tolerate disrespectful and nasty cats. Parents are Hailface and Sweetwillow, Littermate to Halftail and Patchtalon. (Tom)
Eclipsetail: Golden spotted tom. Eclipsetail is a bundle of energy, he can hardly keep still. Parents are Gopherfur and Rockclaw, Littermate to Violeteye. (Tom)
Violeteye: Dark brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Violeteye doesn't like to talk about 'feelings' or 'emotions' that she is feeling. Instead she will take it out on other things, like a moss-ball. She isn't one for many conversation and only has a conversation when she feels like she has to answer. Parents are Gopherfur and Rockclaw, Littermate to Eclipsetail. (She-Cat)
Fallingtail: White she-cat. She looks like a really sweet cat. Like the kind that would be like a doormat, but in reality she is a headstrong cat with an independent attitude. She is not afraid to speak up for what is right, even if it means going behind some of her closest friends' backs. She can be very emotional though and is horrible at keeping secrets Parents are Dillcloud and Squirrelear, Littermate to Yellowclaw. (She-Cat)
Yellowclaw: White she-cat. Yellowclaw is not the nicest cat in the clan. Parents are Dillcloud and Squirrelear, Littermate to Fallingtail. (She-Cat)
Dappledleaf: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Dappledleaf is rather a solitary character. (She-Cat)
Rubyrose: Gray tabby tom. Soft-Spoken. Parents are Windfang and Swiftlily. (Tom)
Bramblebirch: Dark brown tabby tom. Emotional, obedient, soft, absent-minded, circumspect, unambitious. Parents are Mudstar and Firefang, Littermate to Leafdrizzle, Squirrelwind, and Dustcinder. (Tom)
Leafdrizzle: Light brown tabby tom. Leafdrizzle is a known creature of habit. He has a very specific routine, but is willing to change it for something he feels is important enough, such as work. If something in his morning doesn’t go the way he plans it, he feels sick for the rest of the day. Parents are Mudstar and Firefang, Littermate to Bramblebirch, Squirrelwind, and Dustcinder. (Tom)
Squirrelwind: Dark ginger tom. Squirrelwind’s self-confidence varies wildly by situation. Parents are Mudstar and Firefang, Littermate to Bramblebirch, Leafdrizzle, and Dustcinder. (Tom)
Dustcinder: Dark brown tabby tom. Dependable, charming, forgiving, humble, optimistic, peaceful, selfless, patient. Parents are Mudstar and Firefang, Littermate to Bramblebirch, Leafdrizzle, and Squirrelwind. (Tom)
Hollypelt: Pale ginger she-cat. Sarcastic and reckless. Parents are Rowansong and Sandwhisker, Littermate to Willowfang and Staroak. (She-Cat)
Willowfang: Pale golden tabby tom. Ridiculous, jokester, prankster. Parents are Rowansong and Sandwhisker, Littermate to Hollypelt and Staroak. (Tom)
Staroak: Golden tom. Doesn't really give a shit about most cats, though he does have his select cats he will look out for. Parents are Rowansong and Sandwhisker, Littermate to Hollypelt and Willowfang. (Tom)
Squirrelnose: Dark ginger she-cat. Squirrelnose is devilish and very playful. She's a real flirt, and is an active, wily cat. She's just full of energy and is carefree. Her attitude can make her seem lazy and boring, but she's quite fun! Parents are Daypelt and Fernflower, Littermate to Firefang, Sandwhisker, Rainfall, and Rowandaisy. Mate to Jaggedstem. (She-Cat)
Runningfall: Dark ginger tabby she-cat. Runningpaw has been described as a hothead. Parents are Jaggedstem and Squirrelnose. (She-Cat)
Rowandaisy: Ginger she-cat. Rowandaisy is somewhat temperamental. She doesn't like very many cats, but those cats she does like, she is fiercely loyal to. She is more than willing to fight when necessary -- perhaps a bit too willing. She's an aggressive fighter and doesn't tend to give up. Parents are Daypelt and Fernflower, Littermate to Firefang, Sandwhisker, Rainfall, and Squirrelnose. Mate to Gorsewillow. (She-Cat)

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