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Queens and Kits of RainClan

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Queens and Kits of RainClan Empty Queens and Kits of RainClan

Post  Thrushstar on 5/13/2019, 12:44 pm

Queens and Kits of RainClan Zp0vTMT

Birchclaw: Light brown tabby she-cat. I have a curious personality and have a gift at getting in trouble. Parents are Oakstar and Wolfbreeze, Littermate to Littlepaw and Flamepaw. Mate to Mothshade. (She-Cat)
Speckleshrew: Pale tan tabby she-cat. Speckleshrew is a very shy, quiet cat. She does like to be in the presence of other cats and enjoys their company, but she's quite content in sitting in silence or merely listening to another cat ramble to her about anything they desire to talk about. When she does give a response, her statements are short, sweet and to the point. When it comes to warrior duties, she doesn't complain. She'll leap into battle when necessary or if provoked, and she's an average hunter. Parents are Brightear and Clawtail. Mate to Leopardstripe. (She-Cat)

Timberkit: Brown she-cat. Parents are Mothshade and Birchclaw. (She-Cat)

Queens and Kits of RainClan IPBC6zd

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