Curled Tails
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Former BuzzardPride Bobcats

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Former BuzzardPride Bobcats Empty Former BuzzardPride Bobcats

Post  Dustkit-CheetahClan on 3/31/2019, 8:42 pm

Former BuzzardPride Bobcats PzRlic9

Buzzardstar: Spotted brown female bobcat. With a flare for presentation and pleasure alike, Buzzardstar considers herself quite the suave feline. Deputy: Trufflestripe (Trufflestar) (Female)
Bitterfur: Spotted brown male bobcat. I can be a bit shy and won't often speak to other bobcats i don't know. However, I will help any who needs it. (Male)

Former BuzzardPride Bobcats Calico-Cat-1-1
StarClan: Buzzardtail
StarPride: Buzzardstar
CheetahClan: Dustkit


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