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Leaders of BramblePride

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Leaders of BramblePride Empty Leaders of BramblePride

Post  Lilacstar on 3/31/2019, 3:26 pm

Leaders of BramblePride 0CaKboc

Lilacstar: Spotted brown male bobcat. Adventurous, really sociable, truthful to a fault, sensitive, short-tempered, can be seen as friendly or as clingy depending upon the individual’s perspective, relatively open-minded. Lives Left: 9. (Male)

Meteortail: Spotted brown female bobcat. Passive-aggressive, angered by annoying peers. outgoing and sociable- group oriented. follows rules, responsible. (Female)

Medicine Bobcat(s):
Littlepool: Spotted brown female bobcat. Polite, well mannered, trusts easily. (Female)
Liquidpaw: Spotted brown male bobcat. Talkative, full of curiosity, skilled at healing. Mentor is Littlepool. (Male)

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