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Warriors of BramblePride

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Warriors of BramblePride Empty Warriors of BramblePride

Post  Lilacstar on 3/31/2019, 12:23 pm

Warriors of BramblePride 0CaKboc

Senior Warriors:
Twistedclaw: Spotted brown male bobcat. He's a fatherly bobcat, who adores cubs. (Male)
Bloodflight: Spotted brown female bobcat. Fiercely protective of loved ones, independent, hardworking. (Female)
Jaggedpool: Spotted brown female bobcat. Jaggedpool is quite the complex bobcat and is overall a hard individual to understand. It would take possibly years to uncover everything that is Jaggedpool, being the type to often keep to herself. (Female)
Deeptrouble: Spotted brown female bobcat. Deeptrouble is a generally quiet bobcat, choosing mostly to listen rather than speak unless she is spoken to. She isn't so much shy as she prefers to observe the interactions of those around her, and tends to learn a lot about others from doing so. Outsiders may describe her as introverted or snooty, but truthfully she simply doesn't want to cause trouble with others or stick her nose in places it doesn't belong. (Female)

Deepstalker: Brown spotted female bobcat. Curious, reserved, protective. (Female)
Dustplain: Brown spotted female bobcat. You may either really love or really hate Dustplain depending on the way you see her. (Female)
Shellheart: Brown spotted male bobcat. Easy physically & easy mentally // will engage in combat && shows mercy. (Male)

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