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Warriors of ScorchPride

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Warriors of ScorchPride Empty Warriors of ScorchPride

Post  Goldenstar on 3/16/2019, 2:32 pm

Warriors of ScorchPride 5xrVcg5

Senior Warriors:
Ravenfoot: Golden male ocelot. Ravenfoot is a rather sarcastic ocelot. (Male)
Mistmouse: Golden female ocelot. Graceful, Determined, Hard-working, Respectful, Optimistic, Family-oriented, Hopeless romantic, Well-mannered, Affectionate, Friendly. (Female)

Duskcloud: Golden female ocelot. Duskcloud had always been snarky and self-centered. She often didn't care for others and only wanted to concern herself with her own being. Her needs were above everybody else. But she was also hardheaded and powerful, very influential. (Female)
Rowanclaw: Golden female ocelot. Sweet yet sardonic. (Female)
Sandgorse: Golden male ocelot. He freaks out at the mention of family and becomes distant and weak. (Male)
Ravendawn: Golden male ocelot. Ravendawn is not one to be messed with. He is a hot-tempered feline who would be ready to jump into any fight, no matter his condition. Parents are Scorchstar and Duskcloud, Littermate to Northpoppy, Iriscloud, and Cherrypaw. (Male)
Northpoppy: Golden female ocelot. Monotone; She doesn't show any emotion, not even in her voice, it just plain. Parents are Scorchstar and Duskcloud, Littermate to Ravendawn, Iriscloud, and Cherrypaw. (Female)
Iriscloud: Golden female ocelot. Coward; She is a little wimp, and is scared of almost everything, besides some things, like cute little animals. Quiet; She talks sometimes, just not a lot because she is just scared to speak in front of other ocelots. Also when she talks, its usually in stutters. Parents are Scorchstar and Duskcloud, Littermate to Ravendawn, Northpoppy, and Cherrypaw. (Female)
Hazelflower: Golden female ocelot. Tries to hold up a tough exterior to hide insecurities, superiority complex. (Female)

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