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Warriors of WoodPride

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Post  Cilantrostar on 2/27/2019, 9:03 pm

Warriors of WoodPride 0qaV12d

Senior Warriors:
Highdapple: Spotted brown female bobcat. Put simply, she is a punk with a heart of bronze. She enjoys pranking and messing around, but she is also more caring than anyone else. She gives off a sisterly vibe which she extends to practically everyone she meets. (Female)
Heatwish: Spotted brown female bobcat. Heatwish's personality is hard to put into words. She treats other bobcats in a friendly manner, although she picks out flaws easily. (Female)
Grayheart: Spotted brown male bobcat. He hates puddles. (Male)
Graypelt: Spotted brown male bobcat. Graypelt is a very nonchalant bobcat, but is also very snappy. (Male)
Icetalon: Spotted brown male bobcat. Icetalon is an affectionate bobcat. He loves to talk. (Male)
Desertedge: Spotted brown female bobcat. Cynical. Stubborn. Independent. Loyal. Apathetic. Indifferent. Somewhat irritable. Cold. Distant. Lost. Sad. Curious. Intelligent. (Female)

Sandflat: Spotted brown female bobcat. Can never sit still especially when she's talking. (Female)
Dawnstripe: Spotted brown female bobcat. Dislikes nicknames, however, won't object if one is used. (Female)
Plumwillow: Brown spotted female bobcat. Plumwillow is very leader-like. Not the kind that screams out ever command and forces work upon everyone. She's the kind of leader who leads with kindness, and compassion. (Female)
Sagewhisker: Brown spotted female bobcat. THE ADVOCATE / HUFFLEPUFF / NEUTRAL GOOD. (Female)
Alderheart: Brown spotted male bobcat. Simple platonic relations are easy, trusting platonic relations are hard. Romantic relations are hard. (Male)
Mouselily: Spotted brown male bobcat. Mouselily takes pride in his looks. (Male)
Redface: Spotted brown female bobcat. Redface is a very lady-like type of bobcat. She respects her leaders and her pridemates and will try to do her best to provide for her pride. She's hard working but is carefree and fun-loving once the work is done. She's very humble and will become shy if someone praises her for something. Overall, Redface has that sweet, 'girl-next door' type of personality. (Female)

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