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Post  Cliffstar on 2/19/2019, 8:46 pm

Warriors of CliffPack HT8PxJX

Luckyfur: Black heeler she-dog. Sleeping in late. (She-Dog)
Beachpelt: Black and tan shepherd dog. Loves the smell of fallen rain. (Dog)
Blackstorm: Tan and white pit bull she-dog. Sensitive, loyal, shows emotion, brave, blunt, intelligent, calm, caring, trustworthy, supportive, curious. (She-Dog)
Mountaintail: Cream chihuahua dog. Loves cherry blossoms and sunflowers. (Dog)
Purplefur: Orange and white pit bull dog. Often ignores his own problems to make other dogs happy. (Dog)
Wickedclaw: Black pit bull dog. Hates being yelled at. (Dog)
Deerheart: Brindle and white pit bull she-dog. Reckless, sarcastic, stubborn, un-cooperative, rude, blunt, mysterious, emotionally unstable, pessimistic, logical, observant, emotionally distant, sly, short-temper, protective, intelligent, caring, sensitive, unfriendly, passionate, selfless, loyal, trustworthy, reliable, curious, adaptive, flexible, empathetic, creative, cautious, alert, calculative, adventurous, rebellious, organized, self-critical, absentminded, quiet, antisocial, hard-working, lazy, destructive, clumsy, shy, skittish, anxiety. (She-Dog)
Cardinalclaw: Brindle and white pit bull dog. Loves animals. (Dog)
Coldfur: White and black pit bull dog. Is a huge geek for stories. (Dog)
Dovewhisker: Brown and white labrador dog. Cherry blossoms are his favorite. (Dog)
Hailfur: Black pit bull dog. The color blue is one of his favorites. (Dog)

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