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Elders of HurricanePride

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Elders of HurricanePride Empty Elders of HurricanePride

Post  Bloomstar on 11/22/2018, 7:50 pm

Elders of HurricanePride VyDtmOL

Pinetail: Golden male ocelot. Pinetail is warm-hearted and sweet, and sometimes that can be his weakness. Since he cares so much, he is extra gullible and will believe almost anything he hears. Branching off from the gullibility, he is a gossip and repeats everything he hears or sees, even if he misunderstood what the other ocelots were talking about. (Male)
Sapphirepelt: Golden male ocelot. Can be quite moody, indecisive and loves to be the center of attention. He often will do things spontaneously,and usually follows though unless it annoys other ocelots. To him, ideas are often more important than real things. Even in harsh situations he still keeps his mind on the task at hand. After all if he can't pull though how does he expect the other's to fair? (Male)
Rowaneye: Golden female ocelot. Rowaneye is one of those mysterious and dark characters. (Female)
Falltail: Golden female ocelot. Falltail is the type of ocelot who loves to take adventures. She is big on exploring and having fun, and sometimes doesn't know where to draw the boundaries at this. Thus, fun sometimes gets her into a lot of trouble. Falltail is a feisty and courageous ocelot, with a brave heart, and deep inside she really is a sweet and caring ocelot. She can sometimes be a little overconfident, and when she fails, she hates to admit it. (Female)
Dreamstorm: Golden male ocelot. Is a quiet and a bit shy of an ocelot. He is easily embarrassed when it comes to awkward questions and such. But when you get to know him she can give you an honest opinion, through he always hesitates because he doesn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. (Male)

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