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Warriors of LightClan 0QwmvBd

Senior Warriors:
Scarletfur: Pale gray tom with darker flecks. What do I like? Well, I love taking walks on sunny days - they’re just so relaxing! I love hunting too, not only does it help feed my clan, but it’s fun when you’re in a group with friends. Who doesn’t love a friendly competition? Also, I absolutely love to climb trees. The height is exhilarating, and the climb itself is a little bit of a work-out. Mate to Scarletsnow. (Tom)
Skyleg: Long-limbed black tom. This tom, as most other cats would say, is your 'run of the mill' sweet and happy tom. But, as do many other cats, there is more to him than what is on the outside. He is rather easy to provoke and will snap at anyone who gives him reason to. Mate to Leafbreeze. (Tom)
Splashfur: Dark gray tom. Splashfur is very curious, as well as ambitious.  He enjoys adventure, and danger. Mate to Desertcloud. (Tom)
Blizzardfall: Light brown tabby tom. If you didn't see him, or talk to him you wouldn't know he was there. He moves so delicately and his paws barely hit the ground as he lifts them up again for another step. He doesn't talk much to his tribe mates and disappears often, sometimes he can disappear for days. But if you are close friends with Blizzardfall he is very loyal, and caring. He can trust very few cats and has a sense of unease when approaching someone new, he likes to just fade out with his thoughts and hang out in places where he is alone or not in the crowd. The only thing that seems hostile about him is his menacing gaze, which he can scare kits or even grown cats by staring into their souls. Mate to Stormflight. (Tom)
Flockfang: Cream-colored tom. This tom is generally open to everybody. Flockfang has a sense of unfailing pride in everything that he does, he tries to make sure that nothing goes unchecked when trying to complete a task. He has a passion for stories, and loves to let his imagination go wild when telling a story of his own making. He can get a bit snooty when others stick their nose into his business, and hates being called a liar. The tom spends a lot of his time around kits when other duties don't need to be attended to. Mate to Frogstorm. (Tom)
Pinklion: Mud-brown tabby tom. Pinklion is extremely skittish, usually being the last cat on a border or hunting patrol. He is very quiet and will usually not speak unless he has to or is directly spoken to. However, he does enjoy the good occasional fight against a rival clan. Pinklion is very loyal and can be very strict when it comes to the warrior code but he will never tell a friend's secret no matter how bad. His logic is if you believe it's right then StarClan and your clan should understand and forgive you. He can be very stubborn when he thinks he is right and will always stick up for his friends. That doesn't mean he won't tell them they are wrong later, it's just that he hates embarrassing anybody. Parent is Desertcloud, Littermate to Frogstorm and Heartkestrel. Mate to Streamfur. (Tom)
Echotail: Tortoiseshell and white she-cat. At first Echotail was a bit shy, but that quickly went away. She is quite outgoing and talkative, but she won't brag. If somebody asks she'll share her achievements, but brag? No, never. She is a very strict follower of the warrior code, and hates breaking it. She always is able to find something to do, even if it's just playing with a moss ball. Mate to Smokepelt. (She-Cat)
Starlingfur: Ginger tom. He has swift claws and an even swifter temper. A skilled and passionate fighter, he lives for the honor of protecting his clan, and the pleasure he receives from victories. A good judge of character, he is hesitant in making acquaintances, but is loyal and courageous. Parent is Stormflight, Littermate to Swoopspider, Furledpelt, Spiritleopard, and Geodefrost. Mate to Heartkestrel. (Tom)
Furledpelt: Dark ginger tabby tom. Furledpelt is very odd to put it lightly. Parent is Stormflight, Littermate to Starlingfur, Swoopspider, Spiritleopard, and Geodefrost. Mate to Brokenfall. (Tom)
Spiritleopard: Dark gray tom. Spiritleopard is kind and caring, especially when it comes to kits and elders. He will often defend them when he hears any criticism against them.  He also is not the type to gossip and his first loyalties go to his clan. Spiritleopard is not the most patient type nor is he very ambitious, but he tries to be understanding and see things from different perspectives. One thing he cannot understand though is why cats lose good judgement because of love or emotions. Spiritleopard acts through logic and strategy in most circumstances. Parent is Stormflight, Littermate to Starlingfur, Swoopspider, Furledpelt, and Geodefrost. (Tom)
Deathflight: Dark gray tom. Deathflight has a split personality between his clanmates and the rival clans. This tom often jumps into battles as a solution to any problem when with other clans. He also can be very sharp tongued and quick tempered with the rival clans. When a problem arises in his own clan, though, he will often think through the problem and will give his full opinion to the other warriors. Though he is very cunning, he sometimes misuses this to the benefit of his clan only instead of all of the clans. Deathflight can also be very defensive of his friends, and therefore will absolutely not tolerate any insults. Parents are Aspenstar and Starstorm, Littermate to Flightcloud, Moonpetal, and Streamfur. (Tom)
Moonpetal: Silver tom. Moonpetal is a bighearted cat that loves to say hello to a cat in the early morning. He has a spring to his step making him look like he bounces as he walks. He has a happy outlook on almost everything and is usually caught smiling rather than frowning. He has an uplifting attitude and keeps pushing his limits to better his life and his clan. He is strong at heart and will carry a burden if someone asked him too. Parents are Aspenstar and Starstorm, Littermate to Deathflight, Flightcloud, and Streamfur. (Tom)
Echoheart: White she-cat with ginger patches. Echoheart is a very shy she-cat, who very frequently flees away from any cat that stares at her.  Apart from her shy side, Echoheart is actually a very warmhearted cat, eager to help anybody in trouble. Mate to Silvertail. (She-Cat)
Foxswim: Brown tabby she-cat. Foxswim's name originated not from her looks but from her foxy personality. She's wily, cunning, and deceptive; just like a fox. She tries her best not to let anybody get too close to her and hates relying on other cats. She tries to accomplish everything on her own and gets frustrated when she fails or loses, although she does not show this to anyone. Earning Foxswim's trust is a long and difficult process which may earn you several scars and a terribly wounded ego along the way. When she is forced into social interaction, she often doesn't realize that she is hurting another cat's feeling unless they say it to her face which most cats don't end up doing in fear of the secretive she-cat clawing out an eye. In battle, she can be impulsive and take unnecessary risks and will never let any cat get in her way of victory. Although not many cats can guess it, a burning ambition and sense of revenge drives her to achieve a position of honor and lead her clan to greatness and defeat all the threats that endanger her clan. Under her somewhat prickly personality, she is above all loyal to the clan and willing to defend it until she joins the ranks of StarClan. Mate to Rockstar. (She-Cat)
Dreamstripe: Lilac bengal tom. Dreamstripe is exactly like a mommy's boy. Parents are Smokepelt and Echotail, Littermate to Brokenfall, and Sharkear. (Tom)
Sharkear: Dark gray tabby tom. Cats rarely talk to Sharkear, because he's a weirdo. Parents are Smokepelt and Echotail, Littermate to Brokenfall and Dreamstripe. (Tom)
Bearwhisker: Gray tabby she-cat. Judging by her appearance, Bearwhisker seems like a sweet she-cat, right? Well, most of the time anyway. This apprentice is pretty down to earth and takes things to heart. She gets hurt very easily. The smallest remark can send her into the worst mood, and she doesn't trust many cats. Then sometimes she can be.. well.. 'a female dog'. When she gets in her bad moods, she'll snap at everyone and everything. Later on, she will apologize, and when they say it's fine, she doesn't stop until she's convinced that she is forgiven. Bearwhisker doesn't like to make enemies, but she can't trust many cats, so she doesn't make many friends. What an adventurous apprentice she is! She loves to explore, and tends to get distracted easily while training and/or hunting. Sometimes she likes getting into trouble because she doesn't want to be the most perfect cat. The minute I stop making mistakes is the minute I stop learning. Bearwhisker likes training in hunting and fighting, defending her clanmates, and watching the sun set. Mate to Owlclaw. (She-Cat)
Swiftflower: Silver-gray she-cat. Swiftflower is extremely nervous when meeting anyone new. She will tremble if meeting someone for the first time. It doesn’t matter if they’re young or old, or even the friendliest cat in the world. For some reason, Swiftflower can never get over her nervous streak. (She-Cat)
Ripplefoot: Gray and brown she-cat. Ripplefoot is an easy-going she-cat. She tends to be hard to get worked up, except over a few things. Parents are Silvertail and Echoheart. (She-Cat)

Brookbelly: Brown tabby she-cat. Brookbelly is a very kind and caring she-cat. Parents are Rockstar and Foxswim, Littermate to Ivybramble and Thistlesky. (She-Cat)
Ivybramble: Golden brown tabby tom. Wary of almost every other clan. Trains diligently, and battle skills are as sharp as his claws, which are sharpened every morning. Parents are Rockstar and Foxswim, Littermate to Brookbelly and Thistlesky. (Tom)
Scarletsnow: Light brown tabby she-cat. Scarletsnow is a very feisty she-cat; she is beautiful and she knows it.  Often, she will use her looks to help 'convince' a tom to see things her way.  But if you catch her in a bad mood you better stay away or you'll probably end up with at least one scar... Mate to Scarletfur. (She-Cat)
Rosemint: Dark cream she-cat. Rosemint is extremely stubborn, and gets defensive rather easily. She doesn't let another cat control her for long, unless of course she has strict orders. Most times she bites back what she wants to say to the cats that try to tell her she is doing something wrong. Parents are Owlclaw and Bearwhisker, Littermate to Moleonion, Ferretfur, and Willowpaw. (She-Cat)
Moleonion: Brown and cream she-cat. Moleonion is fierce and has a hard outer shell. Very few are able to break through all the wall she has put up around herself and see what she is truly feeling. Moleonion has grown to be exceptional at hiding her feelings, and she has no intentions of letting anyone in. Parents are Owlclaw and Bearwhisker, Littermate to Rosemint, Ferretfur, and Willowpaw. (She-Cat)
Ferretfur: Cream and gray tom. Tolerance. This is an important, lesser known quality that Ferretfur purely shows the meaning of. Parents are Owlclaw and Bearwhisker, Littermate to Rosemint, Moleonion, and Willowleaf. (Tom)
Icewing: White she-cat. Icewing is very shy, and it is not easy to earn her trust. Once she knows and trusts someone, she can be a chatterbox, although she would never share a secret. She is energetic, excited, and fascinated by many things. Her curiosity sometimes puts her in danger. Though Icewing is curious,  she is easily scared, but tries to hide her fear as best she can. She is determined, and loyal to her friends, family, and clan. Mate to Dappledstar. (She-Cat)
Leafbreeze: Small gray and white she-cat. Leafbreeze is an endlessly loyal and friendly cat. The only thing that matches her loyalty and friendliness is her curiosity. She's very nosey and loves too convince others too let her in on their secrets. But she doesn't tell their secrets, oh no! As I said before, she's very loyal and would never do such a thing. She just enjoys knowing things, and sometimes that gets her into trouble. Mate to Skyleg. (She-Cat)
Willowleaf: Brown tabby she-cat. Willowleaf is a very unusual she-cat, personality wise. Parents are Owlclaw and Bearwhisker, Littermate to Rosemint, Moleonion, and Ferretfur. (She-Cat)
Gingerfur: Ginger and white tabby tom. Albeit it may seem easy to judge the many emotions and traits Gingerfur may portray, this fiery tom is much more of a challenge to completely understand. There seems to be several ‘layers’ to Gingerfur's personality, and they surface depending on the given situation. Though some traits of his are persistent, the amount of each varies. Even though his appearance and presence is intimidating in nearly every way to outsiders, most LightClan warriors know the basics of this tom and aren’t scared of him in the slightest – at least, not when he’s acting like his usual self.  Parents are Scarletfur and Scarletsnow, Littermate to Dusksong, Flyingfall, Brokenstripe, Silentflower, and Iceheather. (Tom)
Dusksong: Light chocolate brown tom. As authoritative as he is, it isn’t surprising that Dusksong is a natural leader and does well when he’s put in charge. His direction is usually met without resistance, but if it is, it’s more than likely that he’ll face the challenge with aggression, as he has this tendency. Parents are Scarletfur and Scarletsnow, Littermate to Gingerfur, Flyingfall, Brokenstripe, Silentflower, and Iceheather. (Tom)
Tigereye: Dark brown tabby tom. He will not make eye contact and will avoid it as much as possible. He believes it is too intimate and will usually look just above or below the cat's eyes. (Tom)
Flyingfall: Dark brown tom. He is extremely intelligent and processes information very quickly. This, combined with the speed he moves at already makes him fast in both areas, which can make it challenging for others to keep up with him, as one may never know just where his head is at. It is a bit difficult for him to explain things, too, making it doubly frustrating. He hates waiting and is naturally impatient. Even when the wait is short, because he lives in the fast lane, slowing down is hard for him, especially the transition between speeds. It’s been proven that this tom is aggressive, not to anyone’s surprise, and he has a tendency to act impulsively on his gut-reaction, which is oftentimes unfortunate. This impulsiveness is not to be confused with his ability to think and act quickly, however, and he is actually usually slow in making a decision – rash decisions can be disastrous.  Parents are Scarletfur and Scarletsnow, Littermate to Gingerfur, Dusksong, Brokenstripe, Silentflower, and Iceheather. (Tom)
Silentflower: Dark gray tabby tom. There is more to this tom, deeper and stronger traits that only surface at times. Parents are Scarletfur and Scarletsnow, Littermate to Gingerfur, Dusksong, Flyingfall, Brokenstripe, and Iceheather. (Tom)
Iceheather: Black and white tom. If ever a cat wished to throw Iceheather into a rage, all one would have to do is make him feel helpless. He hates feeling defenseless or useless, particularly when he knows there are things he could help doing. If a task of his is left unattended he will be extremely hard on himself, much to other cats’ surprise, when they figure he is no work and all play. Iceheather hates feeling bound and restricted, held down or held back when he could be helping. He doesn’t like feeling confused when needed in a situation and he hates being underestimated. Who would underestimate this tom, anyways? He strives for equality and respect for all cats and is extremely upset when this is ignored, especially when it comes to his Clanmates. He also hates hornets, badgers and squirrel fur. Parents are Scarletfur and Scarletsnow, Littermate to Gingerfur, Dusksong, Flyingfall, Brokenstripe, and Silentflower. (Tom)
Thunderheart: Orange tom. Thunderheart is what some would call selfish. (Tom)
Ashrunner: Light gray she-cat. Kind, stubborn, takes very long time in trusting strangers. Parents are Skyleg and Leafbreeze, Littermate to Brightmuzzle and Yellowthorn. (She-Cat)
Brightmuzzle: Cream tabby tom.  I cannot hunt very well, but I never tell a lie. Parents are Skyleg and Leafbreeze, Littermate to Ashrunner and Yellowthorn. (Tom)
Yellowthorn: White tom.  I am not very good looking as cats go, but you will never find a more loyal friend than me. Parents are Skyleg and Leafbreeze, Littermate to Ashrunner and Brightmuzzle. (Tom)
Desertcloud: Pale gray she-cat with darker flecks. Desertcloud is very caring and kind, she is often listening and thinking rather than blurting out words. She rather likes thinking of ideas to help others and can sometimes break the warrior code to help out. Desertcloud has secret ambitions of becoming clan leader one day, but keeps them to herself strictly. Her heart pumps quickly in battle and the feeling sometimes make her out of control, but she often snaps out of the deep trance just in time. When meeting new cats Desertcloud is shy and wants to shrink away. Even with her shyness Desertcloud enjoys a good purr with a friend or two or four. Mate to Splashfur. (She-Cat)
Smokenight: Black she-cat. Clever, manipulative, untrustworthy, strong, determined, fast leaner, impulsive. Parents are Splashfur and Desertcloud, Littermate to Lynxbranch. (She-Cat)
Lynxbranch: Pale gray she-cat. Lynxbranch is rather skilled in scenting and stamina. Parents are Splashfur and Desertcloud, Littermate to Smokenight. (She-Cat)
Blackface: White tom with black paws. Blackface feels that no one can ever truly love him, that he is worthless. (Tom)
Russetbarley: Dark ginger she-cat. Russetbarley feels as though she has failed her clan at every turn. (She-Cat)
Stormflight: Dark ginger she-cat. Stormflight is an unfriendly and hateful cat, she greatly dislikes any interactions with anyone but herself. Mate to Blizzardfall. (She-Cat)
Starstorm: Pale ginger she-cat. Starstorm is brave and always puts her friends, family, and clanmates first. (She-Cat)

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