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Clifftail: Pale gray tom with black stripes. Clifftail can be brave and a daredevil at times but, when it comes to family he is loving and most likely to be caring for them if they are sick or injured.  His intelligence guides him most of the time around bad things. (Tom)
Cougarfur: Small dusky brown she-cat. Cougarfur is an aggressive cat - she doesn't have a high tolerance rate, and hates cats who tend to back down easily. (She-Cat)
Smokepelt: Dark brown tabby tom. He wails and is upset easily, and can't stop thinking of himself, and is angered quickly also. Mate to Echotail. (Tom)
Silvertail: Long-haired white tom. Silvertail is a funny tom that is always playing and hyper. He loves cracking jokes and teasing others to get cats laughing. Mate to Echoheart. (Tom)
Sunpool: Light brown tabby she-cat. Soft-hearted and quiet, this she-cat believes every battle can be stopped, and therefore hates to fight. (She-Cat)
Owlclaw: Golden brown tabby tom. Owlclaw isnt your ordinary tom. He likes to do things that most she-cats would do. Mate to Bearwhisker. (Tom)

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