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Leaders of BeePride

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Leaders of BeePride Empty Leaders of BeePride

Post  Birdpaw-CliffPack on 10/19/2018, 2:21 pm

Leaders of BeePride EYepius


Dapplepelt: Light male leopard. Likes to help others in a time of need, but is terrible at keeping secrets. If you ask him he can be an open book sometimes. He likes to feel superior, and not looked down upon by anyone. Parents are Limestar and Shadetail, Littermate to Mallowbird, Talonear, and Oceaneyes. (Male)

Medicine Leopard(s):
Cloverpool: Golden female leopard with a long tail. Cloverpool is one of those strong, silent leopards. She tends to keep to herself, slow to trust and quick to judge. To strangers, she appears rough-edged and self-absorbed. Once you get to know her- if she'll stick around you for that long, anyways- it becomes more clear that somewhere, deep beneath his hard exterior, Cloverpool is a compassionate leopard. Though brittle, she is fiercely loyal. She resents change, though, and prefers things to be black and white. As a result, she isn't the biggest fan of deep, colorful emotions. Parents are Beestar and Mothflower, Littermate to Eggstar. (Female)

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