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Warriors of ScarPride

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Warriors of ScarPride Empty Warriors of ScarPride

Post  Hollystar on 10/15/2018, 3:38 pm

Warriors of ScarPride M4aqs9N

Senior Warriors:
Snakefur: Golden male cheetah. Snakefur is just full of friendliness and love. He is very talkative. He is positive about most things, but he has a negative thought process. (Male)
Lionclaw: Golden male cheetah. Lionclaw sure has a strong personality. He is very observant and responsible. Lionclaw makes to the wisest decisions. His mind is strong and he doesn't doubt his abilities. A perfect choice for deputy or a strong warrior, Lionclaw doesn't have a very complex personality or way of thinking, but he does think fast, mapping out attacks and great at teaching and training apprentices. Lionclaw hopes one day to become the leader of a pride, though it is far out of reach in his mind. (Male)
Dangerclaw: Golden male cheetah. Dangerclaw is rather stubborn. He likes having things go his way, and is not at all soft-spoken. He speaks his mind quite easily and doesn't mind at all if others feel a different way. Other's options don't really matter to him- as he is always right, and doesn't mind telling others so. (Male)
Bearclaw: Golden female cheetah. Fun, protective, caring, loyal. (Female)
Longriver: Golden female cheetah. Stubborn, erratic, cranky. (Female)
Floodcave: Golden female cheetah. Excessive personal loyalty. (Female)
Dawnlotus: Golden female cheetah. Quiet around cheetahs she isn't used to. (Female)

Stormcoast: Golden female cheetah. Is basically the sweetest cheetah you will ever meet in your life. (Female)
Blackbear: Golden female cheetah. Protective, jealous, zealous. (Female)
Mapleshade: Golden female cheetah. Calm, Intelligent, Optimistic. (Female)
Stagleap: Golden female cheetah. Stagleap is a friendly cheetah. She is extremely polite, respectful and cheery though, likes to ensure that others feel that they are welcome and fit in before anything else. She will pretty much approach anyone to see how they are doing and if they are all right. (Female)
Meadowslip: Golden female cheetah. ENTJ | SLYTHERIN. (Female)
Amberfire: Golden female cheetah. I am a daydreamer and cannot concentrate long on anything, but I would never intentionally hurt another without a reason. (Female)
Rabbitmint: Golden female cheetah. She doesn't like conflict and only fights when she has to. (Female)

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