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Elders of ScarPride

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Elders of ScarPride Empty Elders of ScarPride

Post  Hollystar on 10/15/2018, 3:33 pm

Elders of ScarPride M4aqs9N

Flamingoflower: Golden female cheetah. I am very sensitive to criticism, but I am a good fighter. (Female)
Bucktail: Golden male cheetah. Bucktail is a very quiet cheetah who will not take anybody's bullshiit. He'd rather take on any situation by himself instead of being offered help by somebody who seems weak to him. You might want to watch your words around this cheetah. If you slip up on something you say, mainly things about him, you're basically dead. Friend or foe, he'll protect you with his life, even if he does hate your guts. Everything is an adventure to him and nothing is impossible. (Male)
Tangledfur: Golden female cheetah. Caring, thoughtful, strategic, thinks with a wide span of opinions. (Female)

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