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Leaders of ViperPride

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Leaders of ViperPride Empty Leaders of ViperPride

Post  Rushstar on 10/8/2018, 10:08 pm

Leaders of ViperPride 3qXJjuu

Rushstar: Golden male cheetah. I am a daydreamer and cannot concentrate long on anything, but I would never intentionally hurt another without a reason. Lives Left: 8. (Male)

Nightclaw: Golden male cheetah. Nightclaw is a very spontaneous, fun-loving, scatterbrained cheetah who seems immune to insult and criticism. He's very friendly and accepting, doing her best to make others happy and make new friends, however he does best to avoid grumpy characters and a simple 'leave me alone' should ward him off unless he's in an incredibly hyper state. He's not a fan of newborns, they're boring and all they do is sleep, but slightly older cubs he loves entertaining and telling stories to. (Male)

Medicine Cheetah(s):
Amberpelt: Golden female cheetah. It has been said that Amberpelt's personality is a complex one, and i'm here to tell you that it's not a lie. Amberpelt, ever since she was born, has always been quite the two-faced personality. One minute, she can be sweet and cute, and then next thing you know she's the most bitter and jaded cheetah that you will ever meet. (Female)
Redpaw: Golden female cheetah. Loyal, Good-natured, Strong-willed, Stubborn, Determined. Mentor is Amberpelt. (Female)

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