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Leaders of CliffPack

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Leaders of CliffPack Empty Leaders of CliffPack

Post  Cliffstar on 9/22/2018, 9:10 pm

Cliffstar: Red and white pit bull dog. Platonic relationships vary in difficulty to form. Lives Left: 9. (Dog)

Slateclaw: Black and tan Miniature Pinscher dog. Acts super confident but is actually sensitive as fuck. (Dog)

Medicine Dog(s):
Mousesong: White and brown pit bull she-dog. Mousesong is curious of all things around her and is excited to be an integral member of her pack. Oftentimes, she is found most likely getting into trouble in some shape or form. Despite her constant scoldings, Mousesong continues her ways as she knows she hasn't been punished too hard and knows that she can survive a telling-off. (She-Dog)

Leaders of CliffPack Cliffspring
StarClan: Cliffspring
CliffPack: Cliffstar

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