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Apprentices of CheetahClan

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Apprentices of CheetahClan Empty Apprentices of CheetahClan

Post  Whitestar on 8/5/2018, 2:48 pm

Apprentices of CheetahClan TwQo2GG

Smallpaw: Gray tom. So, so sweet, like sweeter than candy on a stick. Parents are Whisperpelt and Featherpelt, Littermate to Goosefur, Stonewing, Stormheather, and Tawnyflower. Mentor is Earthdaisy. (Tom)
Frecklepaw: Speckled golden she-cat.  Energetic and ready to go, go go! Parents are Saffroncloud of BadgerClan and Batstorm. Mentor is Shadowrain. (She-Cat)
Mousepaw: Dusky brown she-cat. Cynical, sly, occasionally childish, thoughtful, loyal, competitive, passive aggressive, sullen, reckless, petty, sarcastic. Parents are Heartstep and Browndaisy. Mentor is Ottercone. (She-Cat)

Apprentices of CheetahClan RPP31ZH

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