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Leaders of LynxClan

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Leaders of LynxClan Empty Leaders of LynxClan

Post  Gladestar on 7/24/2018, 5:41 pm

Leaders of LynxClan PjzEyBi

Gladestar: Small dark brown tom. Timid and very quiet, he's very distant and hard to cheer up when depressed. Mate to Acornfire. Lives Left: 9. (Tom)

Plumleaf: Sandy colored tom. Plumleaf walks like a prince. He just acts like a beautiful woman. He loves to care and sooth other cats. Parents are Amberstar and Scarstar, Littermate to Fallowpaw, Rabbitkick, Nettlethorn, Cloverheart, and Tanglestar. Mate to Emberflight. (Tom)

Medicine Cat(s):
Brownheart: Pale ginger she-cat. She is a small cat with a brave heart. Brownheart has high confidence in herself but will listen cautiously to her leader. She is nice but is very quick to get angry. Parents are Darkfang and Frozenclaw, Littermate to Tigerwhisker, Halfear, and Stumpykit. (She-Cat)

Leaders of LynxClan KGoZET6

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